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Asus Notebook PC

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ASUS G50V is the cheap high end gaming laptop!


Cheap. Performance. Quality. Gaming. These are all words that refer to the G50V. It is a great looking laptop and with its great looks comes outstanding performance. It will run most games on high setting fairly easy at an amazing price! Yes, the speakers are very weak and disappointing but who uses on-board speakers on a desktop replacement laptop? I don't. And the microphone? Well, if you're a gamer then you already got a headset. My biggest complaint is the heat. This thing puts out a bunch of heat at its side exhaust. The heat it exhausts is mind blowing. It can actually keep coffee hot, depending on what game you're playing. With that being said, I bought a cooling pad for it and the temperatures have dropped. The cooling pad was a small price to pay for the outstanding performance you get for this bargain of a laptop. Some of the ASUS software is glitchy but if you are a gamer and know how to tweak computers then you will probably end up just getting rid of it anyway.

Marietta, GA


Asus G50V is a gamer's computer


My computer needed an upgrade and I had a few specifications that I wanted.  I asked my friend that works in computer to pick his choice, and that is what I picked.  Sadly, if I could do it all over again, I would not pick this computer.  I do really like that it has the number keypad on the right, and it is easy to type on.  The keys are large enough.  Some things I don't really like are that it is big, heavy and bulky.  Yes, it has a nice sized screen, but it doesn't fit in most size computer bags.  Also, the sound quality is AWFUL!  I can have the sound on 100% and still you can barely hear it across a room.  The microphone is also ridiculous.  Whenever I am using skype I HAVE to use a headset otherwise the person I am speaking to cannot hear me at all.  Very disappointed with that since I have a lot of international friends.  Another con is that the fan is really loud and gets REALLY hot.  I've had the computer shut down a couple of time from getting hot.  The only time I like this is in the middle of winter and it keeps me warm.

Kissimmee, FL




This computer is fast, reliable, and looks great. The memory could be a little bit larger but other than that I love this computer. The one i have has with held lots of abuse from being spilled on and dropped and pounded on by my daughter who's only 1 years old. The graphic abilities are seem endless and online gameplay is great. I've had this computer for over a year now and I haven't had a single problem with it. I use this for everything, online gaming, storing all my music ( the music is whats taking up so much memory on my computer right now :) ) chattng on multiple messengers, doing school and jsut goofing around with photos. If your looking for a computer to multi- task.. this is it. I have about 10 things going on at once and it hasnt slowed the  computer itself down, only slowed down my internet but thats cuz my isp isn't very good. However if your on the computer almost all day I would suggest buying a cooler for it too.. this computer heats up prett quickly.

Fargo, ND


Asus Notebook PC

3.7 3