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Asus Netbook Eeepc 1001P-PU17-WT (P) 250GB White 10.1inch Intel Atom N450 1GB Windows 7 Starter (88430B22)

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It should be noted I've previously obwned ASUS 900 & 700 series eee pc netbooks so my critique is relative to my past experience. For myself I'd rate it a 5 as it is a vast improvement over these 2 other models, however, I gave it a 4 as it definitely is the latest thing out there for one it lacks a touchscreen - so for those wanting all the bells & whistles this may not be the right product. If you just want something inexpensive to access the internet, e-mail, movies all in a small convenient package it is a solid little computer. Ease of Use Found it much more user friendly than the 900 & 700 models I had, making the transition much easier than expected, really guides you for everything meaning less snafus & calls for tech help. Battery Life I tend to use my power cord because I use it at home, so really haven't tested the battery to the max. Support & Service I've had altogether a 5 yr. plus relationship as an ASUS customer & have found they have really excellent customer service especially their tech support team. I'm in my late 50's so didn't grow up w/computers, learning hit & miss on my own so have probably relied on their tech support more than others would. Each time I called the technician was so very patient w/me no matter how long it took for me to understand, they were polite, knowledgable & spoke English clearly & fluently(which is often a problem w/other companies I've dealt with who offshore such services). I give them the highest marks possible in this area. Speed/Performance Again this is relative to what I was experiencing w/my ASUS 900 which had become so slow I could be doing other tasks while waiting for a page to download, it reminded me of my 1st clunky PC back in '98. I've still the same ISP but wow what a difference w/the 1001, the waiting game to connect to the internet is over, as soon as its turned on my desktop is there, just click my browser icon & in a second or 2 I'm online. I can't tell you how much stress/frustration has been relieved, not to mention all the time saved. Design One of the reasons I'm on my 3rd ASUS eee PC is that I loved the design, its so compact & relatively lightweight I can put it in my oversize purse & take it w/me anywhere yet I've a real keyboard w/normal size keys plus a decent size screen so I don't have to strain. I don't have a smart phone mainly because small screens drive me nuts & I like a real keyboard to type, I've never learned to type w/my thumbs like the kids nowadays texting. Durability So far so good, I bought this 2nd hand they had it about 3-4 months & I've had it about the same. I'm the only one using it & as an older lady am not hard on it (never dropped it etc.) so I can't say for sure how it would do if in someone elses hands that was rougher.



Asus Netbook Eeepc 1001P-PU17-WT (P) 250GB White 10.1inch Intel Atom N450 1GB Windows 7 Starter (88430B22)

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