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Asus K501 Notebook PC

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i like this product


I like this product and i am satisfied with it . some problems is the low battery life and the bad sound coming from the speakers , i can't listen to music without using headphones and this become disturbing sometimes . good points for this laptop is that he is fast and quick response and have good performances .. you may buy this product if you are not using it for music staff ... the battry problem is a problem for most asus products ... so wothout those problems the product is pjust perfect ..


tunis tunisia


Sticky Keys


We have had this computer for a few months. Overall it works pretty well. The sound is quiet but I think it's louder than the HP that we had before this. Neither of them could compare to the Dell that we had. My major issue with this notebook is the quality. Everything looks and feels cheap. The shift key has been sticking since a few days after we bought it. I don't think this computer will last long. That said, this is our 3rd laptop and the other two both died around the 2 year mark. We are hard on them. So, only time will tell.


Bigelow, AR


Happy with this Laptop!


I am definitely satisfied with this laptop overall. One thing I don't like (which may only be my laptop) is that the speakers don't eject sound very well. I often have to resort to headphones depending on where I'm located and how noisy it is around me which is rather annoying sometimes. Also, the left clicker doesn't work every time which is a pain when I'm trying to highlight something. Because I'm okay with these couple problems, I haven't bothered to contact the company so I'm not sure what their customer service is like. I have never had a problem with the way it runs. I have numerous pictures on it as well as a fair amount of videos and lots of documents, and this hasn't seemed to slow up the computer at all. I'm very happy with it!


Lewiston, ID


good computer once you get it working!


granted, i bought the computer referbished from newegg...but the problems i had, others had that bought their computer brand new. had to contact asus cust serv in order to get windows 7 to work, error saying it was an illegal copy. had to download 72 windows updates (should have already been done). had to update a lot of drivers, for intance, the camera pic was upside down. you have to use 2 fingers for the touchpad to scroll - not many options for the touchpad, makes it difficult to work. needless to say, it took me about 2+ hours to get the computer to where i could actually use it! other than that, the processor speed, graphics...all good!


Fuquay Varina, NC


Asus K501 Notebook PC

3.3 4