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Asus Eee Netbook

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Asus Eee pc 900hd is a wonderful little netbook!!!


My boyfriend got me this netbook for mother's day and I am very impressed!!! It allows me to go online while watching tv or sitting in bed without all the heaviness of a laptop but still all the conveniences with an Intel processor and 1 gb ram and an 160 gb hd it's fast enough to zip through sites. No its not perfect but its very efficient for web browsing or downloading music. I would definitely recommend this netbook to anyone.

Staunton, IL


Great size, but not long lasting!


I bought my eeepc 900 in December of 2008 shortly before traveling to South America.  I wanted it so that I could e-mail and send pictures home, as well as write reports and back up my pictures (onto an external hard-drive).  The size of the computer worked out beautifully to keep the computer hidden during my travels.  I could easily slip the computer into my purse, and no one could tell I had it.  I had my computer loaded with Linux because Windows doesn't bring me any joy.  This turned out fine, but really didn't come with any instructions on how to fully utilize all of the differences from Windows.  Also, shortly after getting the computer, the L key stopped working.  I took the computer to a repair guy and he told me that this is a SUPER COMMON problem with these netbooks...and there is nothing they can do to fix it!!  So now any time I want to type an L, I have to cut and paste it from another document. I had no problem connecting to wireless networks in the US, but as soon as I got to South America, it would only connect to SOME networks.  This meant that I was often unable to use internet, which was my main reason for having the computer! In March, the computer refused to turn on anymore.  I took it to someone and was told that it is a power problem, and the cost of repairs is more than the cost of new netbook. Basically, the computer worked out OK, but it wasn't anything spectacular.

Lenexa, KS


Great Little Travel Netbook


This Asus EEE PC netbook is both small and light.  Great for business travel or any kind of travel.  You can do the most basic tasks and can actually install Windows XP on the machine.  However, you will need to buy an external hard drive or CD/DVD.  But it's worth it.  It has the very reasonable price without breaking your wallet.  This little thing is the best I've ever had, especially since I am a student, working full time.  On my lunch breaks, I use it to look up and turn in homework. It's light weight, so it's not clunky.  The screen is small, but bright.  It was differcult learning about Linux, since I am a freshman at it.  But it took me no time to learn it with the help of websites and tutorials online.  Which brings me back to the wi-fi feature.  It's great and simple to use, especially when putting together a network.  My setup was easy and fast.  Even without additional storage, this netbook is great for basics.  I bought an external hard drive for my assignments, music and photos to be upload on from my desktop and can easily transfer my files.  The only downside is that you cannot uninstall the pre-installed software.  There are some games on there I couldn't care less for.  But it keeps me entertained.Overall, good value and great price.

Hampton, VA




Well, I bought this book because my old one can not work normally. My old notebook is also a ASUS one which i bought 4 years ago. It is a good one. I used it a lot in my work and studying. Aslo I played a lot of game on it. But electronic product always out of date no matter how excellent it used to be. But it makes me to trust the ASUS band. So i bought the new ASUS band. I didn't look for the informations in the internet i just came to the store and the sales man recommad this one for me. I don't think it is really good cause it is cheap, but i think it is enough for me to use. Because i just surfer the internet, chat on-line and read some PDF documents. So ,it is good for that. But when i try to play some big game like half life, it became slow and sometimes out of control. But it is ok, because i seldom play that game. Another problem is it is hot in the keyboard when you use it for a long time. I hste this when it is summer.

Buffalo, NY


Asus Eee Netbook

4.3 4