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Asus Eee Netbook

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I love my Asus Eee PC Netbook.


I got my Asus Eee PC back in September 2010 and am really liking it so far.  I received it as a gift for my birthday.  I was having problems with my desktop and do not have a laptop so geting this netbook was fabulous news for me.  At first I was a little put off by the size of the screen and then when I found out there was no CD/DVD drive.  I soon came to be okay with it. I have not really gotten back on my desktop since I have had this.  I remote connect to my desktop through my netbook and am able to do pretty much anything I need to do from it.  The main two things I do not like about it though is that when you fullscreen for videos or games (like on Facebook) it really laggs and is extremely choppy and not smooth.   I think I am able to do more things connected remotely since my desktop (Windows XP) can multi task easier, I use it to do more things at once.  I still cannot do the games and videos though from the netbook.  If I need to access a disk, I pop it in my desktop, connect remotely then access the disk while on the Netbook.  As well as being able to access my external hard drive.  ANything I can do on my desktop pretty much, I can do remotely from my Netbook. If and when I get some more money I will be investing in a laptop but still use my Netbook for taking it with me places and just use the laptop for portable around-the-house movement.  Overall though - I have to say this Asus Eee PC is a great investment for basic internet and email.  If you are wanting to multi task, you can connect remotely, it is great for that.  Also for being extremely portable, light wieght.

Dallas, TX


Good Overall


I have had a couple of "blue screen of death" moments, but they were easily remedied and overall this computer has performed very well. The battery life claimed actually meets the battery life in reality. I like the sleek design and the weight makes it easy to cart around. Good product.



Asus EEE 1000HE is a great portable netbook


I bought the Asus EEE 1000 HE netbook in blue and I absolutely love it!  The color is a shimmery, glittery navy blue, but if it is in dim light, it actually looks black because it is such a dark shade of blue.  The only negative to the casing is that it shows so many fingerprints and smudges, which does get kind of annoying!  The keyboard is supposedly 92% of the size of a normal keyboard.  I will admit that I have smaller than average hands, but with that said, I have not had any trouble typing on it.  I sit with the netbook in my lap on my couch and I spend every evening typing online to friends at the same speed I used to type on my full-sized laptop keyboard.  The screen is 10 inches widescreen, and it is just about big enough to view everything I would want to see on the screen.  I have watched a few movies on it without a problem, but there is the occational website that would work better if the screen were bigger.  Overall, it is an excellent netbook that I would recommend to anyone looking for a portable computer!

New York, NY




This review is for: ASUS Eee PC 1000H 10-Inch Netbook (1.6 GHz Intel Atom Processor, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, XP Home) Sakura Pink (Personal Computers)I bought this from ZipZoomFly, but decided to rate it here because it's the first place I always look to for reviews. the product is excellent, and as i am typing on it right now, the only thing that TRULY bothers me, is the shift key..its original location on other laptops and pcs are what my fingers are use to, but on here lies the page up is one thing my fingers have not gotten use to, hence the lack of capitalization in my review.PRO --the color is super cute, great for females...the cover is sleek and rose colored, embedded on the cover are laser drawn flowers..these flowers continue onto the wrist hold and mouse area.CON-- webcam is great, but has there is no software in the computer to use it with. u can only use the webcam through different websites that allow webcam options, such as skype. but u cant take pics and vids and save them to files on the comp,...this can be done after purchasing seperate software.PRO--it comes with xp microsoft works software and star office software. it is also preloaded with skype and media player, adobe player, nd eee storage.I think its a super product...i had an acer before, but upon its arrival, it was i returned it. but im almost glad it was defective, becaue i could not get use to the small 8.9 inch size...i could hardly put it on my lap nd be comfortable with it. also, the keys were very tight. i think the asus is a much better product...i cant put mine down!   Durability This thing has dropped countless times on marble flooring and has held up surprisingly well!

Dayton, NJ


If your a techie, or have lots of patience don't use ASUS Eee PC


My Eee PC 1000H has issues.  The clock will not keep time and my power source battery only keeps my computer powered for an hour. Not at all like the 6 - 8  hour promised. I have gone to the website and it is very overwhelming.  I have not tried to call tech support but I get the feeling it is only going to lead to further frustration.  If you decide to purchase this Netbook, keep keep your receipt .

Los Angeles, CA


Computer for the handbag.


What can you day about the worls greatest micro laptop? It is wonderful. It is easy. Best of all, it can fit into a medium sized allowing complete freedom from home  and office. I've used mine in all of the usual places: cafes, libraries, restaurants but I've also used it in the park, at an ice rink, and in the middle of a train station when the board was out of service. The last was the best use, I think, since I could stand with it in one hand, type in my info with the other without the bother of having to find a surface to set on. The eee is easy to use right out of the box, always a good thing. The instructions are well written, always a plus, since most people are reluctant to read instructions to begin with and when they are incomprehensible, everyone ignores them. The screen is bright and is easy to read in nearly all light levels. The compact keyboard does take a little getting used to but will not be a real problem for any except people with really big hands. It comes prepoaded with a word processor, scheduler, calender, games and other software basics. A fine product all-in- all. Available in a wide variety of colours.

Pittsburgh, PA


The Asus EeePC Netbook was a good purchase


I'm using my **ASUS Eee PC 1GB Netbook** to write this very review. I've had it for a little over a year now, and thankfully it's working just fine. I had to send it in for repairs after I dropped it and damaged the screen, and tech support was very helpful and timely (though I did notice that my microphone wasn't working properly after the screen repair). I'm loyal to Compaq/HP and IBM, but I can say I am pleased that my initial skepticism towards the (ASUS) brand was unnessary. The main reason for purchasing a netbook was because my laptop broke and I needed a replacement right away, but my budget was limited. Netbooks are slightly less costly than laptops, so after debating the choice for too long, I finally made up my mind to go with the netbook. If you do a lot of moving around and you're looking for something light to carry then this netbook is a good choice. I've carried it in my tote, bookbag, and baby bag respectively. I use it to compile Word documents, check e-mail, light web-surfing, IM, etc. It's obviously not for heavy work, like downloading and storing large files, music and picutes. If you just need a good back-up or you're not a big PC user, it's great. The **Eee PC** has a good battery life as well. A few negatives are that netbooks do not come with a CD/DVD drive, as they are so small, but the **Eee PC** has several USB ports, which I like about it. Also, it's hard to try to work in programs like PowerPoint or Publisher because the screen is so small. Even some web sites can be hard to navigate. All in all, however, my little netbook is pretty handy.

Commerce, GA


For the price, the computer bpacks a punch


The ASUS eee PC is a very nice netbook for a low price. The build quality is superior, and the keyboard size is quite nice. The webcam is of great quality, and the notebook is stylish and small. Although the PC runs on windows XP, it runs relatively fast. There is a nice amount of memory preinstalled in the computer, and the hard drive is generous at 160 GB, at least for a computer of its size. One complaint I have is the fact that there is no internal CD drive, but given the size, I can understand that. The battery life claims to be 6 hours, but I have found that 2 or 3 hours is more accurate, especially after years of use. I feel that this computer will hold up for a few more years of use, and I would most definitely advise others to buy this computer.

Austin, TX


Great for taking notes at school.


I purchased this netbook a few years ago for taking notes my senior year of college. As a small, light device for notetaking the Asus 1000 was perfect. I was able to stash this in my bag without having to worry much about space or weight at all. The best part was definitely the battery, which allowed me to use the laptop for an entire day at school without charging. Even after 2 years the batter can still last up to 7 or 8 hours in between charges. As this is an older model now, there are much better options for the same price that offer better performance. As this model is missing some key features such as a CD drive, I would not recommend it as a user's sole computer. As a seperate, portable computer for a user with a desktop, the Asus netbooks are the perfect companion.

Vernon Hills, IL




I bought my laptop to throw in my purse and go to school with. It's fairly durable...I haven't had any problems with it even thought I am fairly rough with it. The only downside is the size of the screen.

Seminole, FL


Asus Eee Netbook

4.2 26