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Asus CG5275 desktop computer

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Beats the competition.


I had never even heard of this brand until I went to the local computer shop to get estimates on having a computer that had everything I need and none of the stuff I never use. Easy we chose Asus and we went to work-well they did-I kind of supervised-LOL. It took them only a couple of days (they are very busy) and I had a computer with windows XP I also bought a flat monitor to go with it. It has tonsssssss of memory, super fast speed and no problems with it for 4 years now. I have had several computers since the mid nineties and this is by far the best I have had. No extra apps that are never used, easy acess. I can browse through pages faster than ever before. I use webmail so no worries that a virus can come through the computers mail program. I can surf watch tv, listen to music, play games, everything I every wanted. I had it set up in under 15 minutes. I am the administrator so I control everything on it.

Salem, MO


Best thing I have bought for my home in five years


I am the kind of person that wants the cheapest thing that I need to buy. I will look for coupons and rebates and sales. But this was without a doubt the item that turned me! We originally bought a cheap refurbished computer hoping for the best. Of course it didnt last and we had to return it. Thank God my husband found this computer! We have been using it daily for about 3 months now and there is not one single complaint I have. It is super fast and can do so many awesome things! It has more features than any previous computer we have known. We were so pleased that we decided to go all out on asus! We went and bought the largest flat screen monitor they sold. Then found their keyboard and mouse as well! i recommend this item to every person I talk computers to. I have already convinced my father to buy one and he is just as estatic as I am! I personally am just an email, social pages, blogging type of person but my husband is a hardcore gamer on here and we both have everything we need and more with our asus! :)

Lakeland, FL


Asus CG5275 desktop computer

5.0 2