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Asus AS5745G-7671 15.6-Inch Notebook - Black

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I like my Acer Aspire


I have been using this laptop for a little over a month. I like having the ten-key and was a top reason for buying this laptop. The only drawback is the laptop screen is a little wider and shorter than most so some stuff can look scruntched. Since this is usually due to junk add-ons I just remove the extra stuff to free up more screen space. I researched dozens of laptops in a specific price range for months before settling on this option. It wasn't the most expensive nor the cheapest. It has almost everything I wanted. It doesn't have bluetooth which was disappointing, but I found a mini bluetooth receiver for a good price. I haven't even taken it out of the package which proves how unimportant internal bluetooth really was to me. But you never know so I have the external one. It performs well, stays connected to wireless well, and it is pretty light in comparison to the Dells I have used. The battery is pretty decent for checking email, surfing the web, watching streaming video and playing online web games. I get roughly 3-4 hours. I turn the screen brightness down and close some apps to make it last longer when needed. It also has automatic power saver modes, such as the optical drive, to help you conserve the power. The keyboard does take getting used to with the buttons being moved a bit and having the ten-key. Also the keys are flat, not tapered. The power cord is really long, but it doesn't have that cool rubber wrap around strap. It has a velcro strap attached to the cord that you can use to wrap the cord up. The virtual surround sound is pretty good and sometimes spooky when I think there is a noise coming from behind me. But the speakers only get so loud. If you are trying to hear a conversation or lyrics then it is best with very little background noise or use earbuds. This laptop fit my needs and I didn't have to sacrafice graphics or processing power. I removed all the crapware the first day. You'll have to buy Microsoft Office if you want that. Windows 7 64 bit works great. Having the usb ports in the front is a little strange, but I am used to it now. The power cord and usb ports feel like they aren't letting you plug in something, but with a little pressure it fits in securely so that seems to be a plus. There is no mute button or volume buttons on the laptop either. You have to use Fn+F8 and Fn+ Up or Down. I mostly use my mouse and the volume mixer in the task bar. But sometimes I miss the instant mute button.

Raytown, MO


Asus AS5745G-7671 15.6-Inch Notebook - Black

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