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AstraZeneca Symbicort

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Symbicort Works Fast and Is Effective


Every night when I went to bed I was kept awake by continuous wheezing. My husband also could not sleep for the wheezing noise I was making, Not to mention the worrying he was doing. I could not breath without keeping my head elevated so high that It kept me awake also. I talked with my doctor about this. She already had me on Singulair which obviously was not taking care of the problem.This was getting to be a real nuiesance. My doctor said she was going to try me on a new medication. So, she gave me a sample of Symbicort. It is a Steroid and is also very expensive. She suggested we try it first before I spent a lot of money on it. So I did. I noticed a big improvement within about ten minutes.My husband could not believe the difference We were both very happy. The next time I went back to see my doctor she gave me a prescribtion for the Symbicort and I have been breathing well since. The one thing that I have to remember is to rinse my mouth after each use or I might get sores in my mouth.That is not usually a problem though because I just wait and brush my teeth after each use.Symbicort is used every twelve hours and it actually lasts for twelve hours. Symbicort has a convienant counter on the top of the inhaler. It will let you know when your medication is getting low. I do recommend Symbicort Inhaler. For me, wheezing has almost become obsolete.

Rocky Mount, NC


Symbicort gave me a life


I have severe asthma, and it just kept getting worse, my doctors gave me steroids and I was in and cout of the hopspital all the time.  I would have an attack, go to the hospital, stay a few days, doctors would give me some drugs and some steroids, and send me on my way.  Finally one hospital stay i was given a little purple disc, and it seemed to work.  Wrong, back into the hospital i went 4 months later.  I was getting depressed and discouraged and fat, with all the steroid use and the fact that nothing they tried would help me.  I just knew that i was destined to be short of breath and unhappy while sitting out the fun that  my family was having.  My last hospital stay, my doctor gave me Symbicort, and I took it home and haven't looked back since.  I can run and play and not get short of breath anymore.  If I miss a dose I can really tell that I missed it, thats the only draw back for me.  I don't really like it that a few times a year I get a sore throat from it either, but thats my fault for not rinsing out my mouth like i should.  But Sumbicort made me a part of my family again.  

Valparaiso, FL


Symbicort keeps my symptoms at bay and works quickly


The advertisements are very accurate when they refer to the speed in which symbicort works.  I have tried many other treatments in the past and either failed or needed more frequent ueof my rescue inhaler. When I take my symbicort,I feel it working within 10 minutes and am symptom free for a full 12 hours.  The relief I get from this medication allows me to be more active and exercise more.  I have now begun a weight loss regime to also improve me disease state. While it works very well for me there is some advice that you must adhere to in order to make this an effective treatment.  First, always make sure you rinse out your mouth or brush your teeth after using the medication.  I have suffered several severe mouth sores since I started this medication and this advice seems to help.  Also make sure that you take some calcium and vitamin d suppliments along with Symbicort as there is a link between corticosteroids and osteoperosis

Jenison, MI




My doctor just know, started putting me on symbicort, and the new inhaler is excellent, and I also have fewer attacks, and less hospital visits, thanks to this new product on the market, It works better than advair, which was my basic inhaler, for 10 yrs., If there is one product that deserves a 5 star rating it's symbicort.

Dover, DE


works well with no side effects.


I have been using Symbicort for over a year.  I have not had to use my inhaler like I formerly had to do.  I do not have any side effects from the use of this medication.  I live on a ranch and am very active and spend a great deal of time outdoors gardening, mowing lawns, irrigating animal pastures etc. and without an asthma medication that works I would be unable to do so.  I am  able to take long walks without wheezing or gasping for additional air.  Symbicort is packaged in an easy to use container and automatically counts the number of doses used and the number of doses remaining.  I have had asthma for many years and this is the best medication I have taken.  The only negative remark about  this medication that I can make is that it is extremely expensive even with part D Medicare coverage.  However, most of the medications that work are equally expensive so there is no alternative.  I am very happy with my asthma health at the present time.

Bridger, MT


AstraZeneca Symbicort

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