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Astelin Nasal Spray

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Caused Sinus infection which caused the post nasal drip which


caused the lung infection I am on the 3rd round of antibotics for.   And I am NOT too happy with the doc who gave me the script.  Just be careful out there.  You could have an allergic reaction as I did.


Beverly Hills, CA


Astelin Nasal Spray is the best product for post nasal drip.


I got asthma as an adult and tried many medicines before I finally got my symptoms under control.  Aside from an oral antihistamine and Advair Diskus, I couldn't get rid of the constant dripping from my nasal passages.  I would always end up with a sinus infection or other bacterial infection which would set off my asthma.  My doctor prescribed several different steroid nasal sprays to try to control my post nasal drip very common with allergies.  Out of all the nasal sprays I tried on the market, including all the steroid ones, Astelin Nasal Spray was the only one that helped.  It is an antihistamine nasal spray and does not contain any steroid.  It also helped with the excess dripping when a cold or other upper respiratory infection would strike.  Great Product!


Newtown, PA


Astelin Nasal Spray

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