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Assurannce Options Pads, Bladder Control Pads 72 Count Size Medium

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I would buy this product


I still work and I am very active. This bladder control was awesome. I use bladder control pads every day. I loved these and will definatly purchase them. Thank you for choosing me to review. nana0013

Carrollton ga


Good value and good protection for minor leakages


I have at least a moderate bladder leakage problem and must wear some sort of protection at all times, especially at work. At my job in nursing, I'm on the go all day lifting and walking. I also wear these pads at home because my husband makes me laugh, and laughing makes me leak a little. They also provide good protection from leaks and odor when I´m out shopping and want to feel neat and discreet. This size of pad meets my needs perfectly all day, sometimes with just one pad. On bad days, when I have had too much caffeine, I have needed 4 pads to get through the day. The pads are absorbent and help with urinary odor effectively, and this package size is very economical and lasts me a month and sometimes 6 weeks. It´s worth every penny and I recommend them for any lady who needs to feel confident that her bladder leakage will not slow her down at work and wherever she goes.



Assurannce Options Pads, Bladder Control Pads 72 Count Size Medium

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