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Ashley Furniture
Ashley Furniture Park Heights - Sisal Sofa & Chair

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Love my Ashley Furniture sofa


We recently purchased furniture from Ashley Furniture.  We bought the Park Heights Sisal couch and matching chair.  My husband and I had looked at quite a few couches before deciding on this one.  In fact, we did more than look - we sat, I laid down on some, we compared prices, and finally we ended up at Ashley Furniture where we had no problem finding several couches we liked.  One of the pluses for me is that I'm short and my husband is tall so finding a couch that suited both of us was difficult.  We both wanted a couch that was firm, not mushy, and we did not watch a loose pillow back. We found this in the Park Heights couch. The color was perfect plus it had beautiful pillows, five in all.  The chair picked up the fabric from one of the pillows and we found the chair to be as comfortable as the couch.  The people at Ashley were very helpful without being too pushy.  I highly recommend both the company and the line of furniture to anyone looking for something nice but not overpriced.

Lake Station, IN


just bought it


We just purchased this sofa and matched it with recliners from Ashley as well. The sales service at the store was pretty awesome, allowed us to shop in peace until we finally found something that we were interested in looking at closer and then the sales lady came in and was very awesome. I will say however even though I had an open valid (and confirmed) account with them with plenty of credit available (and confirmed) there seemed to be a huge bottleneck at check out. Staff there was sort of cold and "it's not my problem" kind of attitude. But it all worked out in the end. Haven't had it delivered yet so we will see how that works out but it appears that it will hold up well with our pets (1 cat 1 small dog) and the harwood floors so will post more when it comes in and we can use pratically in our day to day lives. I have purchased other ffurniture from Ashley before and the quality in comparison to the value has always been really good.

Hilliard, FL


Ashley Furniture Park Heights - Sisal Sofa & Chair

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