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As Seen on TV
As Seen On TV Lateral Thigh Trainer

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The best exercise machine can be used to lose weight and get a strong body Dabnip sport and it makes it easy to burden the pain to a gym and it does not issue sounds can be used instead of a dermatologist for running because the use of half an hour a day better than running for Amyal and driving the bike and all tired exercises Balagdawi I recommend all Who wants to get rid of dizziness and belly fat first, you have to be near the wall, a piece of equipment, or something you can settle yourself on. I have mine next to my workout bench. 11/11/2011 See all my comments By Laurencearella From Minneapolis, Minnesota I love this coach when I first saw it because it does not take up much space, it is compact and can fit easily under the bed. I love training too



As Seen on TV Lateral Thigh Trainer is a waste of space.


I bought the As Seen on TV Lateral Thigh Trainer before buying one from Brookstone, which I believe to be far superior than this one. I thought it would be more interesting than my blue 6 inch stepper that I use. First off, you have to have it near a wall, a piece of equipment, or something that you can steady yourself on. I have mine next to my workout bench. It is really hard to get positioned on it, without falling off. Once I am steady then I can move my feet, up and down, on it. It really does move them to the side and back. After about a minute I can feel the tension in the back of my legs. I have to really watch that I don't overbalance backwards, and come off. I can't remember how much I paid for it, but it stands in the corner not being used. Performance If I could go longer on it, it may work better. Ease of Use Very difficult to stay on it for any length of time. Durability It seems sturdy enough. Design The design is okay, but you need bands to hold you up.

New Port Richey, FL


Not worse it


I liked this trainer when I first saw it because it does not take much space, is compact and can easily fit under a bed. I like the training as well but soon found it boring as there is no way to change the resistance of the training so that you can increase the intensity of your training and gain more out of it. This is really lacking and that is why I don't use it much anymore more. They could do without the calory counter but allow for variation in the level of resistance training you want. I found it easy to use while watching TV so that I would not get bored with it. Not a bad machine just lack the various level in training.

Minneapolis, MN


Get in a workout but not really feeling it


I was so excited when I found this product but after using it awhile I ended up getting rid of it. It never tracked my steps correctly. I would be using it for 10 minutes and look down and it said I did 15 steps or something.   I don't like products that don't correctly track your progress.  I also didn't feel much of a burn and got bored of it very quickly.

Gales Ferry, CT


Chain snapped apart while I was on it!


  I am 16plbs male who was using this machine and while I was stepping the chain snapped and both steps collapsed causing my left ankle to sprain.  I was stepping gently as reccomended in the instructions.  We have had it 2 years and I only use it once in a blue moon, what a piece of SHIT!  Be careful if you use it, the "official" website says it is discontinued....wonder why!?!

Los Angeles, CA


Don't waster your money on it


  I owned this one for a short time and it worked okay for about  a month. I definitely did not get the results in my legs I expected. The motions were not as smooth as I hoped. The calorie counter was pretty much useless as it did not seem very accurate at all . The tension knob broke after a month so I was unable to adjust that ( it had no tension at all). I had to use it with an old rug because the stepper left constant grease stains on my carpet. The video that came with it was alittle cheesy and the stepper also got and it was alittle rough on my knees.

Gilroy, CA


As Seen On TV Lateral Thigh Trainer

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