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As Seen on TV
As Seen On TV The Original StarMop

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Starmop lasts and lasts!


I purchased the Starmop when we got hardwood floors in our house.  I prefer it over the Swiffer because there is nothing additional to buy or throw away.  It came with a fuzzy pad that sticks to the mop base with velcro-type grippers.  The pad is thicker and fluffier than Swiffer pads, so it traps more particles when you're "sweeping" the floors.  The other pad is a microfiber mop pad.  It also sticks with the grippers.  It's so simple, economical and eco-friendly to use.  Just wet the pad with water, put it on the mop head, and mop the floor clean.  You can take the pad off repeatedly to rinse it out with clean water.  When the pad gets too dirty, just toss it in the washing machine.  Just remember not to use fabric softener with the mopping pad since it cuts down on the cleaning ability.  The handle itself is easy to use, and because I'm tall, I appreciate the fact that it extends to make it longer.  I've been using the Starmop for years now, and I'm still using the original pads that came with it.  It's been a great purchase!

State College, PA


As Seen On TV The Original StarMop

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