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As Seen on TV
As Seen On TV Streak-Free Cloths

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A great enviromentally friendly item!


I got this product after my mother recommended it saying it would replace a lot of my cleaners. I was skeptical to say the least but I am always on board for not using so many chemicals in my home around my children. When I first opened it up I had to laugh and wondered how in the world it was going to work as advertised because it was very thin. Resigned to it tearing in half I used it on my microwave and was absolutely astounded at how well it works! It cleaned it in half the time I use with chemicals and now I do not have to worry if I got all the chemicals off items, I know it is safe to use right after cleaning! Just wet it and go! Not only does it clean grease and things like that but it will truly make your windows streak free! You do not use any glass cleaner or other products just get it damp and scrub away. At first I thought it would leave streaks, but as it dried all evidence of having used it were gone and I was left with truly sparkling windows! I have gone back and bought a second one solely for windows and mirrors. It works amazing! Whoever came up with this product is brilliant! I love the fact I can reuse it so it eliminates my environmental footprint because it isn't disposable and I am using no chemicals to clean the windows! The only time I even have to scrub with it is when the dog slobbers on the sliding glass doors but even then it does come off! I would recommend this product to anyone! Performance Works incredibly well! Scent There is no scent.



As Seen On TV Streak-Free Cloths

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