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As Seen on TV
As Seen On TV Pancake Puffs Pan

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Love it


I love this product. Easy to udr and perfect pancake puffs. Even our 12 yt. old Grandaughter can use it. I would recommend it to others for sure. I 💘 the fact that it is not expensive and the handle stays cool.

Poplar Bluff


Not really worth it


Saw this on television late one night and thought this was very fun to try. What was misleading was that I found that the puffs were the size of a muffin, but they are actually the size of a marshmellow. It takes a bit of time to cook it because the heat must be low with the cast iron. They are decent tasting but take lots of effort to make. It's not as quite non stick because you need some Pam or not spray stick with each batch or else you will not be able to turn this over at all. Flipping sticks that are included are not good and not helpful in turning it over. You will make a few batches that will turn out terrible, but afterwards you will be able to get some that look better. Not sure why, but the included recipe did not work well at all. It was the brownie mix and my guess is that it takes too long to work. But custom made blueberry muffin puffs worked great. Overall, it's a decent offering, I don't think its worth the effort or trouble for a bite sized offering.



love my pancake puff pan


The pancake puff  pan set was given to me my my mom for this past christmas .I really do love it becase how how tough it is and its easy to clean. I have really enjoyed using  this type of pan ,because you can make neat things in it.it also cames in handy when you have company over and you want tp fix something for your guess  that they will love. Even with the pancake puff pan it is something I can do with my kids so that they will feel like they have helped with making there snack. If you have very funny eaters like I do this pan is great to have.I have made alot of easy treats for my famliy without having to spend alot .And I would have to say i Would have to give this pancake pan two thums up for being a wonderfull product that is out on the market today. I onily have the one pan but I do think i need tio buy a couple of more pans to have around my house.i hope iy yall do decide to buy this pan I hope that you do really enjoy having it has much has i do mine

Saucier, MS


Pancake Puffs Pan is so much fun, my teenager makes breakfast!


Pacake Puffs Pan is so much fun, my teenager makes breakfast! Its so easy and so much fun she offers to make breakfast every weekend. You can get very creative to your hearts desire for the stuffing or not? I was also very surprised how clean it was. I was expecting a total mess! But I was wrong. For the first time I liked beig wrong.

Fremont, CA


Makes the Perfect Pancake Puff !


My husband bought me this item two weeks ago and at first I was skeptical of using it, it wasn't much to look at. It's smaller than what it looks like on the box and it's kind of awkward, but my child had seen it on TV, so I had to make them. And I couldn't believe that I actually liked the product, it's just a fancy tool to make pancake balls (puffs). That's all. the only thing is that if you turn it on too high they don't cook on the inside and might burn and if it's too low, they take too long to cook, so a medium is best and it makes really good corn cake puffs, too. I've also tried the egg type, with some ham and onions and chili, and it does make a good breakfast or lunch tool and even for just snacks! I'd recommend buying one.

South El Monte, CA


As Seen On TV Pancake Puffs Pan

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