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As Seen on TV
As Seen On TV ISO 7x Exercise Machine

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this is the best machine i ever used


the iso7x works muscles isometritly i used several machines and lifted weights for years and the iso7x mwchine gave me better results than weights ever did weights suck give iso7x a try you will never go back to weights again

Seminole, OK


Iso7x really works you out


I just got my iso 7x in the maile the other day and was really excited to get it and try it. I got it and it already comes ready to use. There is no assembly necessary which is rare when it comes to exercise machines. This comes with a poster full of exercises and they all work you really well. This thing gives you a good workout. It will have you sweating and your muscles will definitely feel it. I was very sore when I woke up the morning after I got it. I tis hard at first because you can't compress the machine very much, but the more you do it the farther you can compress it as you get stronger. This machine is really cool. It isn't big so you can just store it in the corner or under the bed or anywhere and it really works you out. It does make you stronger and you will feel it every time you use it.

Clifton, VA


I just got my Iso7x


I have seen this infomercial several times, and I'm always a sucker for the products on them. This looked really interesting to me and it wasn't really expensive so I ordered it. I just got it about 2 weeks ago and I really like it. It gives you a really good workout. You can feel the burning in your muscles as soon as you start to use it, and I have already noticed that I have gotten stronger in the past couple of weeks using it. It has a gauge on it which goes from 70 lbs to about 175 or 180 I think which tells how much weight you are doing when you compress it a certain distance. The weight I could do when I got it and what I am doing now is about a 10 pound difference so it is definitely working. I am always sore the next day after using this machine. It is small and compact and it will work your entire body.

Springfield, NH


Iso7x will make your muscles sore.


I had seen the infomercials for the Iso 7x and I was very intrigued by it and had wanted one for months before I finally bought one. I absolutely love this machine. It is a small piece of equipment so you can just put it in the corner or under the bed when you aren't using it and it takes up no room at all. It comes with a poster with about 60 to 70 different exercises on it which will work your entire body. You will definitely feel the soreness in your muscles the next day after using it. I worked out in a gym/weight room for years and years, and this is definitely a good workout. You can feel it burning your muscles while you use it. The only thing I see as a problem is if you are someone who hasn't worked out a lot and is trying to get stronger and build muscle. Some of the chest exercises and things would be nearly impossible if you have never lifted before. There is no tension setting, it is just however far you can squeeze it together. It goes from 75 lbs to 175 lbs I think depending on how far you can press it together. So I don't know if I would recommend it for a beginner, because it may be really hard to do for some, but definitely works if you keep at it and will definitely build your muscles.

Chatsworth, GA


As Seen On TV ISO 7x Exercise Machine

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