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As Seen On TV Debbie Meyer Green Bags

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They Really Work!


It's simple: We're juicers. We've been juicing since December 2013, and it's changed our lives. But we have a LOT of fruits and vegetables in the fridge, and on the counter at any given time. While we go through a lot of vegetables and fruits, we can't go through them all at once. Things can go back while waiting to get throw into our juicer. The Debbie Meyer green bags are truly a Godsend. Whether we're trying to save a few bananas before they become a smoothie, or we're keeping beets (and their attached greens) fresh and not wilted, it's almost like the green bags were made for us. They really do work! The real key here is to store the fruit where it's supposed to be stored normally. The rule of thumb is "wherever you find it in the grocery store is where you store it at home". Meaning, tomatoes do NOT go in the fridge, and things like carrots, lettuce, squash, and cucmbers go in the fridge. We have green bags lined up on our table with apples, pears, lemons, lime, and bananas in them, and the fridge is stocked to the hilt with anything we found in the cool section at the store. Another thing to note is to make sure you do not store different kinds of items together. You can't put tomatoes in with a few apples. Certain fruits and vegetables emit natural gases that can cause other items to ripen faster, or flat out spoil. Also, be sure you wipe out your bag with a paper towel, once you're done using it, to get rid of any moisture, and debris. You can easily turn the bags inside out to clean them, and even use them inside out. Both sides work equally fine (per Debbie herself). We've even taken to putting left over hamburger buns or English muffins in a bag to keep longer. Of course, at some point all things spoil, but the green bags extends the life of food by a country mile. If you want to extend the life of your food, and stop losing things to the natural way of decay, then use the green bags. You won't be sorry.



Green bags double/triples the time of produce freshness.


I have, unfortunately, thrown a lot of fresh produce away due to it rotting in the refrigerator before I've gotten to use it. This no longer happens since I've been using the Debbie Meyer Green Bags. Produce stays fresh double to triple the time helping me save grocery bill money and getting better nutritional value from my produce.

Spokane, WA


As Seen On TV Debbie Meyer Green Bags

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