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As Seen on TV
As Seen On TV Ab Roller

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This brings back memories!


I think it's funny that this is still being sold in stores. This came out awhile back. I remember being so excited to get one of these years ago. I really got into the commercials for it and thought that I needed to have this to get the perfect stomach. I was wrong. This piece of exercise equipment is interesting. It looked like it would be comfortable but it was a little awkward to do. I did this for awhile and I didn't see enough results to feel like I needed to stick with it. It was capable of burning some calories and helping your stomach, but it didn't work as well as other things do for your core. It is kind of bulky also. It takes up more room then I thought it would. I think I ended up putting it in the garage after awhile because it would just be in the way. I wouldn't really recommend this to anyone. There are some pros, but I saw more cons in it. The good thing is that you can turn your body so you are not just getting your abs from the middle but also on the sides. It just didn't work well enough for me though. It was a lot of money for something that I ended up tossing.



Ineffective with abs


I have tried so many different types of exercise equipment but haven't been to satisfied with anything that I have bought. This equipment is comfortable to use but is ineffective with helping you tone up your abs. Its almost like you have to be in an exact position to burn any stomach fat and that is almost impossible. Maybe this works for some people but for my friends and I, it has not done us any good.



'As Seen on TV' Ab Roller, didn't works my abs to my standards.


I bought the Ab Roller a few years back. I looked at it on television and thought how simple it would be to use. I do have a lot of exercise equipment, and thought that this is small enough to have anywhere in the house. I put down my yoga mat, and then placed this near the top of it. I held the piece in front of me and rolled with the machine. It did bring me up into the position I wanted, but I didn't crunch my stomach muscles. I pulled my muscles as tight as I could, but it left me feeling short changed. I used it a few times, and then went back to my regular exercises on my own. I gave it to a charity shop, and hoped that someone would buy it, and it would work great for them.

New Port Richey, FL


As Seen On TV Ab Roller

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