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As Seen on TV
As Seen On TV Ab Rocket Exerciser

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Ab Rocket Exerciser a slow launch


To me the Ab Rocket Exerciser, as seen on TV, was an easier way to handle abdominal crunches, without hurting your neck or laying on a hard floor. But be forewarned. If you are not too tall in the body and not extra wide on the bottom, the seat and back will fit you. It would have been helpful if the manufacturer put the width and length of the seat on the outside packaging. Of course one should always have your medical doctors permission before you use any equipment. With the doctor's permission to do so, you will find your stomach crunches done more easily. The problem is with all such devices, is the will of the person to use it regularly. The Ab Rocket Exercise has three sets of coiled bars to give you three levels of intensity. So if you love abdominal exercising and your doctor allows, the Ab Rocket can be a change of pace for abdominal exercises, albeit a slow launch to firm six packs.


Warner Robins, GA




I regret ever buying this thing. The first day I got it I decided to use it and it made my back hurt so badly. I thought maybe I was using iI t wrong so I decided to try it again the next day and once again my back hurt but only this time worse. I used it for like a total 5 times and now it is sitting in my garage building dust. I have tried to contact the company about it but they don't seem to care that they have unhappy customers. I will never ever buy something that I have seen on TV again. I think that it totally sucks when companies act like that. They have your money and now they don't want to do anything to help you out when you are unhappy. The only thing that I am happy about when it comes to this things is that it did help with my abs and making me lose a little bit of fat in my stomach area but I didn't like the pain that it gave me in my back so I will no longer being using this product.


Whittier, CA


As Seen On TV Ab Rocket Exerciser

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