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As Seen on TV
As Seen On TV Ab Coaster Pro

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A fun way to exercise without strain


This exerciser was an impulse purchase after seeing a very inspiring infomercial. It cost a pretty penny, but it has been worth it, because I can exercise indoors every day and not suffer any back strain. In fact, the selling point is that the position you are in plus the action of rising and falling along an arc tones the waist and abdomen without stressing the back. I find that to be very true, as even if I exercise a long time, I never have back pain. Another good point is that being able to exercise like this indoors satisfies an important need here in Phoenix, where temperatures from May through October can easily reach 100 degrees outside, making exercise just not happen for many of us. And having this exerciser here where I may exercise as much as I want whenever I want is a good substitute for an expensive gym membership. Performance I feel my muscles being used because my abdomen and waist become warm, and I have seen myself trim down enough to be able to see the results when I wear a swimsuit. I do not become starlet buff, but I feel good and look good, and this exercise is pleasant enough to make me look forward to it as part of my daily routine. Ease of Use Exercising is very easy with this device because all I have to do is kneel onto its seat and grasp the handles and slide myself up and down the arc. Durability Mine has lasted well for 7 years and is still good. It's part of my daily routine. Design I find it innovative. To be able to slide up and down in an arc is great for exercising quietly and in small spaces. It's very clever because I can twist and swing the seat around while rising up and down the arc to make side muscles exercise too.



Can feel the burn with the Ab Coaster, but hard to use!


My gym purchased one of these initially to try out with the patrons.  Apparently it must have been popular, because now they have four of them.  I decided to try it out for the first time a couple weeks ago.  The machine basically uses your own momentum to get going, so you really have to work hard initally to get it to go.  While it does roll easily, it requires a lot of your body to actually get it rolling.  Rolling back and forth is not too hard, and you can actually feel the burn in your abdominal muscles.  I tried to shift to turn the knee area to either the right or left side to work the obliques, but with my un-defined ab muscles, found that nearly impossible.  I think in order to really be able to use this machine to it's full potential, you would need to have a regimine that has already toned your ab muscles enough to assist in working this machine.  If I had stronger abs, maybe this would have been easier, but for now, I think I'll stick other ab machines at the gym.  It might be good for home use though!

Danville, VA


Does not do the job


I'm a youg mom who does not have time to go to the gym anymore. I was hoping to utilize this machine to firm up my abs, but I felt like this product has done nothing for me. The setup of the machine is easy! That may be why I feel like there was no challenge to it. I'm used to the big machines to feel the burn, and I feel like this is just a waste of space at my house. With any exercise you also need to eat right, and I have change my diet to fit this, but along with using this machine and running early in the morning I have seen no results. I guess it really depends on your level of difficulty you have with working on your abs. If you have had no exercise as of late, this might do the job for you. As in the previous review for someone who just had their C section, it sounds like a great product. I would reccomend this product to those who are looking for altneratives, but if you can make it to the gym, I would just go there...

New Britain, CT


Love this machine


Bought this a month ago and put together in 10 mins... I love the fact that they put the bolts in the holes they belong in.. Made it easier to put together I didn't have to search what bolt went where.  Could feel it working after the first work out... As a woman who had a c-section 4yrs ago and tried everything to work the lower abs and I have tried everything.. After reviewing several ab machines (ab circle, ab lounge, and others) I decided to take the plunge.. Boy am I glad.. I have lost 2 inches from my lower abs.. I know that doesn't sound like much but remember I tried everything before.. I actually enjoy working my abs... Thanks AB COASTER, I am getting my pre-pregnancy body back finally..  

Newport News, VA


As Seen On TV Ab Coaster Pro

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