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Aruba Aloe
Aruba Aloe Ultra-Hydrating Hand Lotion

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Best Lotion Ever!!


**I love, love, love, love this product!!! I purchased this lotion while in Aruba on vacation and each time we go back it is a neccesity to grab again and again!  I have yet to find any other aloe that works as great as this product.  It is not greasy and goes on evenly.  And not to mention the smell.......It is great!!!!  The scent is very clean and natural.  It is wonderful! This lotion also works great for a sunburn.  I always apply this product after a long day in the sun.  It works great and always clears up the worst of too much sun.  If you have yet to try it I highly suggest that you do!  I do not think that you will be disappointed.  Only problem......does anyone know where you can get this product in the states?  I would love to be able to purchase around home because it's seems that I never stock up quite enough to last a full year.  All in all......great product and definitely one of my favorites!  **

Clairton, PA


From Aruba, for everyone who wants silky smooth hands.


We discovered this gem on a tour of the manufacturing plant. The several acres of Aloe Vera plants are so huge, they fillet them by hand. They mix the pure Aloe with vitamin E and other moisturizers to get a rich, light scented, product. My husband, nephew and I use the lip balm throughout the year for its sun and wind protection. Makes for kissable lips. Other products may cost less, but I find I use more. I'll stay true to Aruba Aloe every fall and stock up for the year and take advantage of the shipping discounts and use them as stocking stuffers. I go for practical, not the sensationalism of other holiday scented lotions which add little moisturizer for hands and body.

Coopersburg, PA


Aruba Aloe Ultra-Hydrating Hand Lotion

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