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Artistry Total Mascara

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Artistry Mascara works great!


I have been using Artistry mascara for quite awhile and I have to say it works the best. I try new mascaras just to see if I find one I like better and I have not found one to compare. Artistry mascara does not clump or smear, it lasts all day, making your lashes look their best an it comes off easily at night. I highly recommend giving it a try.

Sartell, MN


"this artistry mascara is the best i have ever tried"


i have used othe mascaras in the past and did'nt care for them. now i finally found a mascara i love. it is a little expensive but woth the money. it last all day long and it does;nt smear or sting when you apply it to your eyelashes

Rochester, NY


This isn't the best, but not the worst either.


Well, to be honest, I"m not really much of a make up person. I don't usually wear make up when I go to school or work or what not. Now and then though, when I go out, I might wear a little something. The first time I went to apply this mascara, I had a hard time. It could be because I'm inexperienced on putting on makeup. Though it seemed to me, that the eyeliner clumped. It may of been because I applied too much of it, but it clumped. I tried getting the clumps out but then it smears on your fingers, then it smears on your face after touching it. This product does have a good tone of black, but the texture could be better. If the eyeliner was just not so thick, a little more thinner, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. The masacra was also a bit pricy for where I live. I don't know how much it is anywhere else, but here it was very pricy. Though, here where I live, just 50 cents is worth alot to me.

Rogers, AR


outstanding mascara


This mascara is great it wont clump up or smear. This product makes your lashes extend and be totally black without using an eyelash curler. Use it its a great product as well as their other beauty products. And when your taking it off its fast to remove you wont have any problem.

Harbor City, CA


Artistry Mascara seriously lengthens and seperates your lashes!


I have been using Artistry Total Mascara for a few years now and I really do love it.  They have one that's called Artistry Essentials Mascara but it is not as good as this one by far.  Artistry Mascara is designed to allow you to choose from three different looks: 'casual or barely there type look' this would obviously be where you only apply about one layer so that you can open up your eyes a little but not look like you relaly tried to look good.  Two: 'This might be like going to work or out with friends for the day' you would apply about two layers so you look a little more done up, but not too much. And Third: 'You are going out and want to look hot!' I think you get it now, three layers! and it dosen't clump!  This stage will have your eye lashes looking so long and seperated and beautiful!  I usually don't do this, but I remember the first time I did do three layers, everybody was complimenting my eyes on how good they looked.  It's a reasonable price too.  Cons:  sometimes it flakes off on your face.

Saint Petersburg, FL


Artistry Total Mascara

4.2 5