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Arrowhead Water
Arrowhead Water Hot/Cold Water Cooler

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good size and plentiful


the hot water side is very good. but not to happy with the cold water. the water comes out lukewarm. i thought cold was supposed to be cold. have no idea how to fix and don't want to waste money on taking it in to get repaired or is that as cold the water is supposed to get.

Bettendorf, IA


Great water cooler. The most used item in the office


We have one of these in our workplace and all I can say is that I love it. It provides cold and clean tasting water whenever we want it. Even right after putting a new bottle on, the water is pretty cold. The hot water comes out very hot, or I should say hot enough to drink comfortably. I read the other review for this unit needed to be cleaned due to mold. We do clean it regularly, but haven't found any significant mold built up. I imagine this may be to the excellent air conditioning that keeps the room nice and chilled maybe holding back the mold. The only thing I don't like is that the model that we have has a safety feature put into the hot water, I would assume for children. Since there are RARELY children in the office, I wish this would be removed and replaced with a regular spigot. We are all adults and I'm sure we can keep ourselves safe.

Brooklyn, NY


Always great to have cold and hot water available but...


We were having Arrowhead water delivered to our house for years until we decided to cut back as they were getting just too expensive for deliveries. We bought out the machine's rental and just refilled the bottles ourselves. It's a handy machine to have when you want a really cold glass of water on a hot day or a hot glass of water for tea and you don't feel like boiling some water or putting a mug in the microwave. I do have a few issues, however. First, you need to clean the machine inside and out frequently as it tends to build up mold often around the lip between the bottle and the machine. If the machine is not always full, it will also create moldy buildup inside the machine where moisture tends to sit. Then you also need to clean the spigots thoroughly as they do tend to get clogged. Which is kind of strange as there are only the two of us so it's not like there are tens of people using and abusing the machine nor do we have hard water issues (not here in LA). If you want the convenience of hot and cold water, this is perfect for you but there is some maintenance involved, especially if you buy your machine and it isnt serviced by a company such as Arrowhead.

Sherman Oaks, CA


Arrowhead Water Hot/Cold Water Cooler

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