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Arrow Buildings
Arrow Buildings Attached Patio Cover 10 Ft. x 20 Ft.


Patio Cover

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Excellent shelter and very stylish


I needed something to protect my patio furniture from the elements so I decided to buy the Arrow Buildings Patio Cover. I was very thrilled that all of the parts and pre-drilled holes lined up perfectly. Installing the cover was simple,m but it was a two man job. It took me and my brother about a week to complete installation, but it could have been completed in 2-3 days if we had more time. Since installing this patio cover I have spent almost every evening on my back deck. This cover has provided excellent shelter from the rain and the sun. It also has served as a temporary storage open space when I'm doing work around my yard. While under this cover the temperature is about 15 degrees cooler during the summer. Also this cover has performed very well against snow and only shows slight signs of wear after a couple of seasons. I would definitely recommend the Arrow Building Patio Cover because it provides excellent shelter and transforms a backyard to a stylish getaway.

Westchester, IL


Durable but needs to be maintained well


I purchased the Arrow Buildings Attached Patio Cover 10 Ft. x 20 Ft. two years back for my second house and the shipment was delayed by a week. However, I got an apology for the same and after the shipment, I checked if the product contains all the parts that were mentioned in my order and it contained all. However, it took me a long time to just assemble all the parts and it was a pain. The staff who delivered the product did not help me in assembling the product and it took me two days to do the same. The product however is still owned by me and working well for two years. It has been resistant to heat, sunlight but it attracts a lot of insects that was troublesome for me in spite of taking care of them with insect poison. It easily attracts them and so it gets difficult to keep it clean. The product comes with a 12 years warranty which makes it durable but the service of Arrow isn't good.



Arrow Buildings Attached Patio Cover 10 Ft. x 20 Ft.

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