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Aroma Yan Can Cook YW-168 Wok

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Not what I expected


Wish it worked better. I love the concept of a wok and stir frying. Just add a drizzle of olive olive and satay your vegetables and you are set. Bam. Easy and healthy meals that don't consume a lot of time. However, the problem that I had was that the item did not appear to be powered correctly. It would work on and off for about 5 minutes. Very hard to achieve the temperatures needed to impart the desired asian flavors into my dishes. Aside from that, the metal is thinner than expected. It can be dented from falls, so just be careful from that and take extreme care of the device. It's a bit expensive for the money. Heats up very quickly though and the food doesn't skin, which is what the wok should do. I returned this product versus having to get a replacement power cord, as the later would require some money in addition to the cost that I paid. I think a traditional wok on a glass top stove would be the superior choice here.



Aroma wok sure Can Cook :P


This is a very high quality Wok. I have been using it for over a year now and it has remained in perfect condition. The scratch resistant surface is exactly that, it doesn't scratch! It's like when you get a water "resistant" wrist watch that you wear in the shower or a pool and it doesn't have any water issues for your entire life. It's very dependably made with heavy metals, the glass lid is thick and is rimmed with metal and has a metal handle. This is the kind of kitchen appliance that will last a life time. Some other great parts about this Wok that I love are the short time it takes to reach a desired temperature, it heats very evenly (it's great for eggs because of this), and the non-stick surface makes it super easy to clean. This is the sort of kitchen appliance that every house can make great use out of, as it can be used as a very high quality pan or pot to cook anything in as well.

Beaverton, OR


Aroma Yan Can Cook YW-168 Wok

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