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Aroma 20-Cup Digital Cool-Touch Rice Cooker ARC-1010SB

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Love this!


We eat rice daily and we love our rice cooker. We are a family of 6. I will definitely buy another Aroma product.

Sacramento, CA


Best product ever


If you want to buy a rice cooker, you might want to buy this one. Trust me, you will love it. I cook in it like every day twice.

Stone Mountain, GA


Excellent Rice Cooker/Steamer


When I was first searching for rice cookers, I ended up buying the Aroma 8 cup machine. I liked it very well and decided to upgrade to a larger capacity. The 20 cup Aroma cooker is great for preparing foods for gatherings or large family needs. It has settings for white rice, brown rice and steamed foods. My rice is perfectly made every time I use the cooker, even with the brown rice. Other features are the delayed timer and the warm up settings. They both come in handy when you need to start the rice later or when you need to keep it warm before or during the meal. The warming feature keeps the rice warm with out drying it out like other re-heating methods. One of the best feature of the rice cooker is the ease of cleaning. I truly enjoy not having to deal with a big mess after cooking in this appliance. That alone sometimes is worth the money spent on the appliance. Overall I believe this appliance is a good one to have in the kitchen.

Raleigh, NC


Make rice with ease.


We have owned the Aroma 20 cup Digital Cool Touch Rice Cooker for over 2 years. We have made everything from brown rice, white rice, sticky sushi rice, oatmeal and steamed dumplings in this rice cooker. First of all, this rice cooker is easy to use. Measure, close and set. Done. It can be set to start cooking at a later time which is very convenient if you are making oatmeal for breakfast the next morning. It also will switch to keep warm mode when you're food is done. The digital display makes this easy to know how long is left on your cook time. This rice cooker is a breeze to clean. It is also big enough to make rice for our family of 6 and dinner guests when needed. The one down side we have experienced with this rice cooker is that the water to rice measurements called for to cook brown rice don't seem to cook the brown rice completely. Easily fixed by adjusting the water measurement. Whether you want to only cook rice, or you want to steam your veggies and make rice at the same time this rice cooker is a great and moderately priced rice cooker.

Kansas City, MO


Aroma makes a nice rice cooker


I purchased this Aroma rice cooker to replace my dead Salton 3-cup rice cooker. We opted to go for the larger, upgraded model on the advice of our friends, and we're very pleased so far. Pros: There's multiple cooking options, including separate settings for white rice or brown rice. Also, the "keep warm" function is very nice, especially for re-heating rice. I just toss about an ounce of water into the cooker and press "keep warm" and my rice is hot and fluffy in a few short minutes. I haven't yet used the "steam" or "sautee then simmer" functions yet. However, we do often use the little steamer insert that comes with the rice cooker while we're cooking rice. It's nice to be able to steam some dumplings or vegetables with the rice and have a lot less cleanup. I've never had a problem with rice burning or sticking to the pot. Cons: I don't like that you have to push the power button more than once to actually turn the appliance off. I frequently wake up in the night to get a drink of water and notice the blue light coming from the rice cooker; my husband always forgets to push the button more than once and it's usually still on. I'm also not entirely thrilled with the markings on the pot. I find them very hard to read to add the appropriate amount of water.

Federal Way, WA


Aroma 20-Cup Digital Cool-Touch Rice Cooker ARC-1010SB

4.8 5