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Arnold Natural Flax & Fiber Bread

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The Best Tasting and Best For You Bread


This bread tastes great.  It packs a lot of dietary fiber, but doesn't have that dry cardboard taste that whole wheat bread has.  It does have a slightly sweet taste, but I use it for everything - from egg sandwiches to tuna salad to peanut butter and jelly.  It is smaller than your typical slice of bread, but the size is part of its appeal.  You can make a great sandwich without ending up tasting mostly bread.  After eating Arnold's Flax and Fiber bread I will never buy a different brand again! 


Pottstown, PA


One of the best things since sliced you-know-what!


The dependable bakers of Brownberry have come up with something which lives up to the label's claim of being a "...*special loaf of bread*".  Special is exactly what *Arnold Natural Flax & Fiber Bread* is -- delicious as well as being not too dense, too hard, or too crunchy.  (Those are *seeds* in this bread, not little round stones.)  This wonderful loaf is crammed with too many ingredients to list here including many grains, wheat germ, oats and flax seeds.  Also in the dough are brown sugar, raisin juice concentrate and some other things which convey a certain sweetness to the bread, but it is pleasant without being overwhelming. **STATS:** A single 33 gram slice of *Arnold Natural Flax & Fiber Bread* is considered to be one serving which contains 80 calories with only 15 calories from fat.  There are one and a half grams total fat, zero each saturated, trans and monounsaturated fat, one gram polyunsaturated fat, zero cholesterol, 160 mg. sodium, 16 grams total carbs, four grams dietary fiber, three grams sugars, and four grams protein.  Also present are 15% (D.V.) each Calcium and Vitamin D, 2% Riboflavin, 10% Folic Acid, and 4% each Iron, Thiamin, and Niacin. **WARNING:** This bread contains nut ingredients such as walnuts, hazelnuts, and/or almonds. **TASTE TIP:** *Arnold Natural Flax & Fiber Bread* makes fantastic toast, whose cozy sweetness is a perfect foil for many delicious toppings or fillings.  Here's a great idea.  Spread one side each of two pieces of toasted *Arnold Natural Flax* *& Fiber Bread* with Newman's Own Creamy Caeser salad dressing. Then pave one of the toast pieces with slices of roast chicken (light meat preferably) sprinkled lightly with grated Parmesan cheese and garnished with a lovely slice of Romaine lettuce.  Cover with the remaining piece of toast.  


Oak Park, IL


Arnold Natural Flax & Fiber Bread

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