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Arnold 100% Whole Wheat Bread

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Arnold wheat bread is quality in every loaf


Few bread labels have been deserving of high quality and value for the money, and Arnold is among those. Arnold's 100% whole wheat bread has a strong texture and flavorful goodness, so long as the freshness stays in. These are, noticeably, giant slices of bread, but they serve wonderful mealtime purposes. I would eat this toasted along with a platter of scrambled eggs and bacon. Or at lunch, make a deli sandwich and toast it in the oven. Any occasion with Arnold's bread is welcome, as every individual slice comes with great nutritional value. I definitely, lovingly recommend Arnold because it's out of the ordinary, and it has a good assortment of flavors to choose from. Buy it on sale whenever you can!



Not bad, but texture and density not for my family.


Make sure your children like to chew! this is a very dense bread and it threw off my children. We always buy at least partially whole wheat breads, but I found myself tossing out the loaf after a few weeks when no one made toast or a sandwich at all! I have no complaints about the bread, but It's nothing I would ever buy again.

Chippewa Falls, WI


The only kind of bread I buy


I absolutely love this bread! It's soft and stays fresh for quite awhile. My two toddlers also love it, and I love knowing that they are eating 100% whole wheat and not the processed junk. Next to baking my own bread, this is what I go for. I wish that they made it out of flour that was not bromated. That is the only con I can think of, but then, it's almost impossible to find bread made from unbromated flour.

Oviedo, FL


Simply Delicious- has that perfect mix of healthy and tasty!


Arnold Whole Wheat Bread is a yummy, nutritous brand of bread; that is soft to the touch, hearty and filling, and goes well with any and all toppings. You can enjoy eating it, knowing that is good for you, while loving the appetizing taste! All in all, a great bread!

Stanford, KY


Arnold 100% Whole Wheat Bread

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