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Armstrong concentrated floor cleaner

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Armstrong works great on tough dirt and grime.


I use this product to clean floors at a cattle feedlot office. The floors are always stained with coffee and covered with mud and other nasty grime. I was looking for a product that would help clean up the stains and leave the floors looking shiny and smelling fresh. This product really does clean up the typical stains that I deal with at this location. The scent of the cleaner is great and lasts after the product dries. I really like that fact because the feedlot has awful smells and I like leaving the office smelling clean. The only problem I have with this product is that it doesn't make the floors really shiny. It doesn't add conditioners to the floor to help keep it shiny but i do give this cleaner credit for not leaving the floors water spotted or with a film like some cleaners do. Performance Really removes stains but it doesn't condition the floor or add a sheen to them. Scent The scent is fresh and clean and it lasts after the floors dry.

Iliff, CO


Clean floors with a little work, that's Armstrong Floor Cleaner.


I used to use Armstrong Concentrated Floor Cleaner for years, until I changed over to Pine-Sol. I still had some left in the 32 fluid ounce (1 qt.) 946 ml bottle, so thought I would use it up. I checked on the back label, and it states to "add a quarter cup of cleaner to half a pail of warm water ( 1 gal.)". For extra cleaning double it to half a cup, and for tough spots use full strength. I used the quarter cup, and started mopping my kitchen floor. I found it left marks that Pine-Sol would have cleaned, so I ended up pouring the Armstrong Concentrated Floor Cleaner onto the spots. With a little extra 'elbow grease' I was able to remove the spots. I clean my floors often so there is no buildup on them. I do like the 'lemon fresh' smell that this floor cleaner has, also that it cleans without a wax type build up. However, if I have to put more effect into my cleaning, then it really doesn't work for me. Once this is finished I won't be buying it again. Performance Didn't clean as well as other floor cleaning products. Scent Nice lemon smell.

New Port Richey, FL


armstrong floor cleaner is the bomb


I cleaned houses for 25 years for other people. I wish I had found Armstrong floor cleaner way back then. I retired in 1998 and after I quit working I found this fabulous floor cleaner. It is so easy to use, no rinsing and the floors look great. It is the best I have ever found for no wax floors. I am sure it would work for others too but it is especially great on no wax floors . It works great and leaves the floors shiney and CLEAN!!! I have never been so satisfied with a product as I am this one. I also know they have one for wood floors too. I assume it works well on the laminate floors as well as regular wood floors. I used to use vinegar water to clean my no wax floors but the smell was more than I could handle, but with this floor cleaner , everything smells so clean and fresh and there is no chemical or wax stripping smell. I would advise anyone to try this Armstrong Floor Cleaner. It is the BOMB....

Powell, TN


great floor cleaner


I bought some Armstrong floor cleaner to clean my kitchen floor and was impressed.  It did a wonderful job of getting all the grime off of my floor and left it sparkling white.  I had never tried it before but know that I will be using it again.  It is inexpensive so that is a plus.  Also I didn't use gloves when I cleaned my floor and it was not rough on my hands.

Spearfish, SD


Armstrong concentrated floor cleaner

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