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Armour Thyroid
Armour Thyroid Armour Thyroid

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Best medication for slow thyroid


Before taking this medication, I was always cold, everything hurt, run down and just feeling sick. I went to the doctor with all my symptoms. I was missing menstrual cycles and it was hard for me to urinate. The doctor took blood, my results were slow thyroid. He prescribed Armour thyroid 1 grain (60mg). after about 3 weeks i felt great. I no longer had any of these symptoms. Now 3 years later i'm only on half a grain (30mg). I went to get a refill one day and to my surprise it was  discontinued. This was summer 2009. Now it's almost winter 2009 and I still can't get this medication. Everyone across the United States, (maybe even the world) has trouble getting their hands on this life saver. The manufacturers say that the company that makes the porcine powder to make this pill isn't making it anymore or only in small quanities. This is very frustrating, because as of today i know longer have any Armour thyroid left and can't get my hands on any. The doctor won't put me on  synthetic thyroid because I am not that bad off thyroid wise, just needed this little support.   I give Armour thyroid 5 stars, because it is awesome, and made me feel great. I wish it would be put back on the market. This medication is over 100 years old, and was taken away.

Iselin, NJ


Armour Thyroid Armour Thyroid

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