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Armour Star
Armour Star Chili w/ Beans (15 oz.)

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Not your mom's chili, but close


I have never been a fan of canned chili but Armour canned chili is the best I have ever tried. I suppose my Mother spoiled her children by always making everything from scratch which makes it nearly impossible to like things that are from a can. That being said, I probably wouldn't enjoy a bowl of this by itself by my family enjoys having hot dogs with Armour chili and sometimes we even have Armour chili poured over tamales. When we are vacationing we normally eat breakfast and lunch at the condo so we can quickly get back to the beach and go out for a nice dinner and we always end up having Armour chili with something (usually hot-dogs) for lunch at least one day during our week. It is so convenient to warm up some wieners and a couple cans of Armour chili and lunch is pretty much prepared. I would recommend using Armour to any person that has a busy schedule and doesn't always have the time it take to make homemade chili.

Clinton, TN


Best tasting Chili You Can Buy In A Can


              I am a person who likes spicy foods and it does have to have a good taste with it or I will not eat it. So I guess I am picky then as far as that goes and when it comes to chili that is so true. I love good chili and I have tasted some bad ones over the years. So to know that this one has been around since I was born and has been a favorite of mine is a good thing.               **Armour Star Chili With/Beans **has never changed in flavor it still has that same fine chili taste it had so long ago. Some of the suggestions they give are listed here plus some varieties as well:               For quick and easy meals:Serve over: Rice, prepared pizza crust, hot dogs, tortilla or corn chips for nachosServe in: OmeletsTop with: Grated cheddar cheese, chopped green onions or sour cream and diced green chiliesMix with: Melted process cheese and heat for a dip Varieties: With Beans, With Beans BBQ, With Beans Hot & Spicy, 3 Bean, and No Beans               There are many things you can do with this and I am sure many of you have your own ideas of what to do with this so just get a can of Armour Star Chili and see for yourself.

Zirconia, NC


Armour Star Chili w/ Beans (15 oz.)

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