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Armour Italian Style Meatballs

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I will never buy this again


I cooked these in spaghetti sauce, for use in meatball sandwiches. They gave the sauce an off putting smell, with a taste to match. I looked to see if I mistakenly bought vegetarian meat product, but that was not the case. If you like meatballs, make your own, don't waste your time and money on these.

Fort Myers, Florida


I would never buy this product again!


I used these meat balls along with spaghetti sauce and hamburger over spaghetti. I thought the taste of the meatballs was not inviting at all. I picked my meat balls out and threw them away. I got these as a buy one get one. I will have to find someone to give the extra one to.

Bradenton, Florida


Armour awesome Italian style meatballs, cooked in 30 Min.!


     I bought these today along with my Prego and Pizza Sauce and store brand Round Cheese Ravioli.      They were on sale, 50 smal meatballs in bag for 2,99!  I knew when I bought the sauces and ravioli, that these meatballs would really make the dinner.      They DID!  I loved them, Delicious in the prego and pizza sauce cooked on low after low for 30 minutes.        I knew when I saw the Armour brand that I already was getting a great product.      Who needs garlic bread?  I am still dieting and this was just a treat meal.       i fry my food in Canola or sesame oil and let drip in paper towels, both sides.        I  can make a great Ziti or lasagne with these meatballs.  i will just use 2 jars prego and 2 small jars of pizza sauce or fit to how much I am making.       Armour also has good bacon.  I still cannot get over how great the meatballs were.  I am Half italian so If they passed with me, I am picky, they have to be great!  No Garlic Bread needed.

Venice, FL


Armour Italian Style Meatballs

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