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Armakat Cat Tree

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My cats love Armakat


I recently bought an Armakat tree because I was hoping that it would deter one of my cats from jumping on the counters.  It did not but my cats do love it.  It took me a couple of hours to assemble the tree. The directions were clear and easy to follow.  It came with handy little tools to screw things.  It was easy enough.  The screws at the bottom of the tree did scrape the floor, so be careful if you have hard wood floors. The tree is really nice looking and I love the material.  It does require vacuuming though.  It took my cats a couple of days to get used to the tree, but now they use it every day.  I put cat nip all over it to entice them to use it.  They really enjoy sleeping on the top level of the cat tree.  They fight for the top space.  Neither of my cats use the hammock.   If my room were spacious enough, I would have gotten the six foot cat tree because it comes with more high perches.  


Berkeley, CA


Armakat Cat Tree- Not Bad for the Price


I had been wanting to get a cat tree for my five cats for a long time. I finally rearranged things in the house so that there would actually be room to put one, then it was time to start looking. I looked at the usual big pet stores chains, but I couldn't find one as big as I wanted, and even the smaller ones were outragously priced. I then turned to the internet to do a search, and after a time, I came upon the ArmaKat cat trees. I was very impressed with all the different styles that were available, and was even more surprised at how reasonable the prices were. I finally decided on a 72" model which would give all five cats places to lay, and explore. It wasn't too hard to put together, though I think the instruction manual could have been a bit clearer. It's pretty sturdy. It does move a little when someone jumps around, but I have no fears it will fall. The covering is a bit thinner than I had expected but, for the price, I'm not complaining. My cats all use it, including the scratchable sisal-covered posts, and they sleep iin the two beds, and lounge on the platforms. They definitely give it a paws-up!


Moscow, VT


Bought two because my cats love it to much


I have 3 cats and we started out in the house with just two. We got the model that is pictured just recently and had the model A7202 before that (and still do). When we got the A7202 one of the boards was messed up in shipping but they have a year warranty and speedily sent us a replacement. We originally got this tree because our vinyl climber fell apart (my cat was too heavy for it). These cat trees can support the weight of all my cats and trust me, when you have a rowdy Maine Coon that likes to bound back and forth up one and then the other continuously - they do hold up suprisingly well (tighten them regularly though!). My Maine Coon also loves sleeping in the hammock of A7202 (and she's 12 lbs). None of the other cats will use it but she started to adapt to it as a kitten. I will say that over time the long boards that overhand have a tendency to warp (such as A7202 but not the one pictured above). At least you can easily buy those replacement parts on Amarkat's website. DO NOT use the toys that come with it. They WILL be destroyed within 5 minutes of use.


Xenia, OH


Perfect for cats


I bought the Armakat Cat Tree for my cats and they love it!  This offers everything that a cat loves.  First, they get to climb.  Have you ever seen a cat that didn't like to climb?  It has three perches at the top where a cat can climb up there and lay on a perch like a lion surveying his territory.  They can jump from perch to perch if they want, or just pick one and lay there.  There are two enclosed areas like rooms with multiple doorways.  My cats love to chase each other throught these rooms.  They also like to curl up inside of them and sleep a lot.  It is steady and sturdy, so I don't have to worry about it collapsing with my cats.  It was very easy to assemble and everything you need to assemble it is included.  I love to watch my cats chasing each other all over this thing.  It's fun to watch them dash to the upper perches and then down to the rooms where the dart in through one door and then peek out another door.  They seen to think they are invisible when they are on the upper perches.  Many times they have jumped down from one of these perches landing on me as I passed.  Seeing how much my cats enjoy this makes it so worth the money I spent on it.  I recommend it.


Marion, OH


Armakat makes the best cat trees!


I love my armakat cat tree.  I wish I would have bought an 80" from the start.  We started with the 56" tree, and the cats loved it from the time they were kittens on.  Now that they are bigger, adult kitties, I wish I had bought something taller, because they love it so much.   From the time we opened th box, our cats knew it was for them.  Well worth the investment. 


Chicago, IL


cat fun


Lol my cat loved this, she is always hyper, and dispite the price of she loved it, she was up and down it constently and if you work a lot it is great for the kitty. my friend likes chasing my cat and it was a great place for my cat to get away. worn you know if you have younger kids, they will climb on it to! lol


Frankfort, KY


Armarkat makes sturdy, well-priced, cat furniture.


I bought one of **Armarkat**'s largest trees/condos and it's worth every penny I spent. My cats just love this thing.  It's multi-level, has 2 "rooms" so each cat can curl up in it's own place, as well as 3 high, open, perches. The instructions to put it together are extremely easy to follow and they even include the 2 tools you need to do it. The beige color blends well so the largeness of it doesn't smack you in the face when you walk into the room.  And it's VERY sturdy.  I bought it several years ago and my cats climb all over it daily.  Except for vacuuming, it requires no maintenance.  Well, okay, so my female cat has upchucked a few hairballs on it, but just brushing the fabric with a vinegar/water solution cleaned it right up. I went on-line and checked out about 50 sites, and while you can buy solid wood cat trees at 5 times the price, this one makes my cats very happy and my wallet quite content.  Armarkat makes a good product and I would recommend them to anyone.


Los Angeles, CA


Armakat Cat Tree

4.6 7