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Arm & Hammer
Arm & Hammer Odor Alert Cat Litter

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Not my favorite from the arm and hammer family


I would still prefer this particular product from arm and hammer over other brands, but it wouldn't be my first choice from the arm and hammer family. I just didn't think it performed as well as others, like the multi cat or dual odor control varieties. Moisture Absorption It absorbed as well as other arm and hammers. Clumping the liquid, holding together through cleaning. Ease of Cleaning Just like all other varieties, super easy to clean, scoop out the clumps, add some more, you're done. Odor Control Wasn't really so impressed with the ordor control. I just think that some of the other varieties from arm and hammer seem to do a better job at controlling odor. THis one did nothing to contain the stink bombs that my cat drops. Ease of Use Super easy to use, same packaging as all arm and hammer litters. The box handle could use some work, but the rest is great. The pour hole works great, you get control over where you are pouring and how much.




My FAVORITE cat litter!


I stumbled upon this cat litter awhile back and ever since then, this has been my favorite cat litter!  We have two cats and use 2 little boxes for them. I really feel that this litter does an excellent job of "clumping" the urine and feces.  It makes everything very easy to scoop up. Some litters don't do a good job of clumping the litter up and it just seems to spread out, but this litter was really great.  I also thought there was a very pleasant scent to the litter.  It did a great job of masking the cat odors as well.  Easily my favorite litter.  The only thing that I don't like about the litter is the container that it's in.  It comes in a cardboard box. We got a little water on our basement floor awhile back and the littler container was on the floor.  The water ruined the litter.  It would be nice if this litter came in a recyclable plastic container like many other litters do. That is my only complaint though.


Grand Rapids, MI




I have used many cat litters through out the years. After trying oder alert by arm and hammer, I have stayed as a consumer continuing to buy this product. Its a fantastic brand. I liked it better than tidy cats and the store brand. I have also used arm and hammer laundry soap, fabric softner and many more of their products. Arm and hammer is an affordable but yet quality brand. i would recomend it to all my friends and family!


Bacliff, TX


Arm & Hammer Odor Alert Cat Litter

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