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Arm & Hammer
Arm & Hammer Age Defying Toothpaste

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Not like your normal toothpaste


I am a nut when it comes to trying to get my teeth white.  I got so far getting my teeth white and they just would not get any whiter.  I talked to my dentist about it and he told me that my enamel was weak. And the more enamel I lost the less white my teeth would get.  With just one tube of this toothpaste with liquid  calcium my teeth are showing improvement.  They look whiter and even feel stronger.  I am so glad to have found this toothpaste because my dentist even tells me my teeth look better.  I have not had a cavaty or any teeth problems when I have started to use this toothpaste.    It has a great mint taste that leaves your mouth feeling clean all day.  It really does feel different the normal toothpaste.  It just makes my teeth feel stronger and cleaner and better then it ever did with any other toothpaste I have tryed using in the past.  This toothpaste clams that it is for stronger, healthier and whiter teeth and I truly feel that they are right.  My teeth do feel stronger and healthier.  Plus they look whiter then they did when I first started using it. I would so say if you want to keep your enamel strong or help it get stronger use this toothpaste.  Its a great product and at a great price.

Greenville, SC


Not the Best Toothpaste Arm & Hammer


I was very disapointed with the new Arm & Hammer Age Defying Toothpaste. I received a sample from the company after I saw a tv commercial saying to visit their website and try a free sample today.  It does get your teeth cleaned. And makes your breath very fresh. Just like it says it does on the package. But it doesn't say anything about making your gums hurt. Too much peroxide in this product just made my teeth and gums hurt! It took about 3 hours and some soda to make the pain go away. Not what I want in a toothpaste, that's for sure. But that's just my opinion. I know I'm glad this was a freebie cause I sure wouldn't waste my money on this.

Oklahoma City, OK


Arm & Hammer Age Defying Toothpaste Claims To "Rebuild" Enamel.


I recently damaged my tooth enamel with a natural antibacterial product containing vinegar, took the shine right off the surface of my teeth. Horrifying. In an effort to try to repair the damage without expensive dental treatments I came across Arm & Hammer Age Defying Toothpaste. I had read that "remineralization" was a myth, that once tooth enamel is gone there is no hope to rebuild it. However, Arm & Hammer claims to "rebuild" enamel right on their label, using "Liquid Calcium."  I further researched this method and found that some success had been achieved in this area with a prior product containing the same ingredient, Enamelon. This product is no longer available, Arm & Hammer Enamel Care was touted as the equivalent, so I went looking for that. I saw no claims on that packaging as to rebuilding enamel, Age Defying has that claim, and so I bought it. The "Liquid Calcium" in this product is "Calcium Sulfate" and is listed, for some reason, as an "inactive ingredient." I can't say I understand that. I can tell you that Calcium Sulfate is an ingredient also found in drywall. Does this product actually get the calcium into your teeth to strengthen them? Hopefully yes. After using one entire 4.3 oz tube I'm happy to report that i do believe I see a small improvement in the damage done. It's enough of an improvement that I intend to continue buying and using this toothpaste in the hopes of total enamel repair and recovery. I would suggest you begin to use this product now, before you ever have any damage, and definitely now if you do. Give it time and see if you aren't also pleased by the results.

Jackson, NJ


Arm & Hammer Age Defying Toothpaste

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