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Arizona - RX Stress Herbal Iced Tea

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Best Tea Ever


Most iced tea options out there offer only sweetened, lemon, or unsweetened varieties of tea. This RX Stress Tea offered a light tea option, with great flavor, and not any over-powering extras. Calories were low, and I was able to drink this, and offer it to my son, as it was a decaffienated option, as well. I am not having a very hard time finding this type of Arizona tea and am very disappointed. PLEASE make it available!

Phenix City, AL


Did not reduce my Stress!


As being stressed out all the time I drink a lot of different tea's to help calm and soothe me. When I tried the Arizona - RX Stress Herbal Iced Tea I really did not notice anything. Not only that it really had a odd taste to it. This tea is on the expensive side but I did not get the benefits that I am looking for from it.



I love the Arizona brand, but this one is a miss with me.


I have enjoyed all of the Arizona iced teas I've tried, so I decided to give the RX Stress variety a try. After all, herbal doesn't have caffeine, and, if I can get the same taste without the caffeine, I'd probably switch. Well, herbal iced tea doesn't taste at all like iced tea from black tea. It's hard to decide if I simply didn't like this product on its own merits or if I didn't like it in comparison to the others I'm more familiar with. I didn't find this one to be as refreshing as the other Arizona teas. It also contains camomile, so it also made me a little drowsy as well. I guess I'm used to my iced tea giving me a little pep instead.





Arizona RX Stress Herbal Iced Tea is a great treat for your taste buds any time of the year! It's my favorite from all the Arizona Iced Tea drinks. I don't really like to drink soda or other sugary drinks, so it's great that Arizona Iced Tea can provide a drink that is caffeine free and natural all while at the same time being cool and refreshing. Believe me when I say you wont be disappointed (like you might have been with some of the other bottled or canned iced teas out there)! Apart from being great tasting, this tea also comes packed with Panax Ginseng, Chamomile and Valerian extracts. What does that mean? It means that Arizona Rx Stress Herbal Iced tea is delicious and healthy! This tea is also very inexpensive, and who can argue with "inexpensive" in hard economical times such like the ones we are experiencing now? Believe me, this is a great tea and my favorite for several years now. You don't have to take my word for it, go out and try it on your own!

Orange, CA


Arizona - RX Stress Herbal Iced Tea

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