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Ariens Snow Blower

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I couldn't live here without it!


I have owned the Ariens 1028 snowblower for six years now, and don't know how I could get along without it.  Our house is situated so that when you back out of the garage, you turn the car and go straight uphill for about 120 feet before you get to a flat section.  The slope is about 10° for most of the way and, since it is Maine it is often icy and snow is very frequent most winters.  Since this blower has a 10 HP (well, 9.6 actually), engine, it is equipped with electric start.  All that is required for reliable starting is to set the choke, prime the engine and set the accelerator and plug it in.  Push the starter button and it goes straight off.  Since I never know how much the next storm will bring, I like to put the snow well off into the woods.  Light, fluffy stuff can be easily blown fifty feet from the driveway, while heavier, wet spring snow can be put back twenty-five feet.  That gives plenty of room for the next batch! Maintenance is simple, but necessary.  Oil changes every twenty-five operating hours, adjustment of the chute controls, and occasionally the shift mechanism, and the normal lubrication has resulted in trouble free operation for all the time I have had the machine. It is a bit fussy about tire pressures as it uses Sno-Hog tires and no chains.  If the pressures drop significantly, tire slip is common.  A simple inflation usually cures the problem, except on very slick ice.  I have had other blowers, and had a variety of problems with them, but the two Ariens machines I have had have been champs.  In the situation I have now, I can't imagine a blower that could do a better job.  They are a bit more expensive than some other brands, but well worth it in reduced service and stress.  Nothing is more frustrating than a snowblower that lets you down with a foot of snow to plow.  Get an Ariens and you will be glad you did! Supplement to my original review on 2/5/2011: You may know that we are having a real snowy winter here in Maine this year.  I still have my Ariens 1028 I reviewed earlier, and it is still performing like a champ!  Weekend before last, my next door neighbor asked if I could help him move his pile from the plowing back as he had no place to let the plow guy push snow anymore.  Although the snow was very hard packed from plowing, in a couple of hours we had put most of what was impeding the plowing back into the woods about thirty feet.  It could not have been done by hand as it wouldn't be possible to throw the snow far enough to get it out of the way.  It has done all my plowing with no complaining, starting well and throwing snow well back from my driveway into the woods.  The only way it works is, "Get 'er done!"


Cape Neddick, ME


Great Snowblower for New England


This is the greatest snowthrower I've seen for New England winters.  I've used this unit when there's been a few inches on the ground. But it really showed what it was capable of in storms that were putting down four inches an hour.  Even in these conditions it was reliable.  It is easy to start. With the electric start you just prime it set the throttle and hit the button.  I found that a really good all weather extension cord is the best investment for this since it won't become totally stiff and unmanageable when the temperatures get down to 10 or even zero.   I also find this unit is quite maneuvarable since I am in an urban setting and not dealing with a large open piece of land.  Considering this is a solid piece of machinery it still manages all my paths and driveways.  The only thing I needed to break out the snow shovel for is the stairs.   I find it is even easier to use than trying to embarass the children into helping their old dad.  


Pawtucket, RI


This snowblower is the BEST!


I've had 3 snowblowers (and many shovels) but this one is the best. You should look for a snowblower that will do 3 things: 1) Start reliably, 2) Move heavy wet snow, 3) Last a long time. This Ariens does all of those and more. I have had this one for 4 years here in Maine and I fully expect it to last as long as my previous Ariens, a model 724 from 1971!!!! That unit worked very well all of it's useful life so I bought a new (but bigger) one. Like the reviewer before you may need to watch the tire pressure once a season but other than that this snowblower has NO problems. I highly recommend this or any other Ariens won't go wrong.


Bangor, ME


Ariens Snow Blower

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