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Ardell Professional Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator Treatment Gel

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My eyelashes have really blossomed with Ardell Accelerator!


I have always admired my husband's long and full eyelashes, but never thought I could do anything to get mine to look more like his. (Why do the guys always get the best lashes?) Then, a friend of mine started using Latisse, the prescription lash product. I knew we couldn't afford this, but I did my research, and found Ardell on Amazon. I have now been using it for 4 months, and it really has made my lashes maybe 25% longer and 33% thicker! It is very easy to use and has no weird smell to it. It has gotten in my eye a few times, and is a bit of an irritant, but that goes away quickly. I apply it every night, and I am still on my first tube of it. It took about a month for me to see noticeable changes. I also apply it to my eyebrows, which have gotten a little sparse in places. I have not seen the regrowth I was hoping for in the sparse areas, but maybe a bit more brow hairs in the rest. For the cheap price, I surely recommend this product. With a little mascara for definition, I love my eyelashes now!

Marysville, MI


It does work, BUT . . .


I have short and sparse eye lashes. I researched various products and paid more for RapidLash. Then I saw Ardel Treatment Gell and it was less expensive, so I decided to give it a try. And it works just as well. I see no difference between the two products, except that RapidLash has a straight bristle brush (much like eye liner), and Ardel has a tapered multi-bristle brush (much like mascara). That I thought might not make a difference -- but it did -- because the Ardel brush loses all of the gel as you pull it out of the tube. It was hard to get the product out of the tube. It did not stay on the brush when I withdrew the brush from the tube. It pulled the gel off the brush. The brush came out with no product on it. I somewhat solved the problem by using the RapidLash brush with the Ardel tube of product. The brush doesn't screw into the tube, so I keep storing the brush in the old RapidLash tube and insert it when I use the Ardel product. A little inconvenient, but it does work. And yes, DON'T get it in your eye because it burns like crazy and makes your eyes water and turn red. I am still going to use it because my lashes after about one week were visibly longer and looked stronger.

Wood Ridge, NJ


Conditions but does not accelerate.


I was using RapidLash for about 2 weeks when I saw Ardell online.  (I'll give a separate review for the RapidLash) and since it was a much lower price than RL, thought I'd try it.  I mostly wanted it to even out my brow growth.  This product did not work for me.  It was hard to get the product to stay on the brush when you withdraw the brush from the tube.  It kind of pulled all the gel off the brush and left none to use on your eyes.  But, even after digging around and getting some on the brush, I used it for two weeks w/ no growth results whatsoever but did feel that it has softened my brows and lashes.  Also, if your lashes are sparce, it's really hard to get any product on them w/ this brush/tube because the brush keeps coming out of the tube virtually clean of product.   It's a cheap alternative to RapidLash if all you're wanting is a brow/lash softener.  It burns the eyes, it's sticky and it leaves a kind of crust on the hairs.

Vernonia, OR


Ardell Professional Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator Treatment Gel

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