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Ardell Brow Precision Shaper

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Don't Bother


I have sensitive skin so getting my eyebrows waxed was out of the question, and plucking them was time consuming and painful, so I was on the lookout for an alternative. I came across Ardell Brow Precision Shaper in my Rite Aid and wanted to give them a try. I was not very happy with this product. When I tried to use the razor, it really did not cut that close to my skin and missed many hairs. I kept having to go over the area to thoroughly remove all of the hairs. I also could not shape my eyebrows using these things. I also wish the razor blades were a little smaller, it was awkward using it so close to my eyelid and made me nervous. I also noticed the day after using the razors, my skin broke out. I find it easier and more efficient to pluck than to use this "brow shaper".



Awful product.


I saw this product a few years ago and I figured I would give it a try. Ardell Brow Precision is an awful product. For one, it doesn't work. The razor doesn't shave and you end up cutting yourself! it is an awkward shape so it's hard to even shape your brows. It's much easier to just pluck, wax, or get them done at a salon. I do not recommend this product and it's a waste of money!



Don't drain the drachmas on this one..


Was very disappointed with my purchase. Mind you,my brows aren't reminiscent of Bea Arthur's here,so there wasn't too much to work with. The blade got dull quickly & unless you're going for the look of Spock's offspring,don't do it,for it did not shape well. Stick with a good pair of tweezers.

Tampa, FL


Ardell Brow Precision Shaper is so easy and effective


I like using the Ardell Brow Precision Shaper as the final "finishing touch" on my eyebrows. I have very light blonde eyebrows, so it's hard to see where I might have "missed" sometimes after tweezing. The Ardell Brow Precision Shaper is a very thin razor on a pencil-like tool that you can use after you tweeze to clean up the whole eyebrow area. It's so thin, that you don't have to worry about accidentally shaving off a piece of your eyebrow. It's so easy to use, everyone should have one. These are disposable shavers and they do last for quite a while because it's such a small area to shave. You really end up with that well-groomed eyebrow look that we all want. I simply go under and over the area that I already tweezed and you would be surprised by how much you miss, especially if you have blonde hair that is hard to see, even in a magnifying mirror. There is no other product like this on the market that I am aware of. It really works!

Hawthorn Woods, IL


Ardell Brow Precision Shaper

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