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Arctic Products Portable Gas Grill Model GT-8888

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Great portable grill


I wanted to have a small grill because I travel a lot and didn't want to be lugging around in a truck or packing some larger grill everywhere I go. When I bought my portable grill, I was very happy with the purchase.  These grills are great for having all the advantages of cooking without the disadvantages of only having one place to cook. The size of the grill area is actually fairly sufficient.  I never did it, but I think it'd be easy to do four burgers at a time or a couple steaks.  Granted, this isn't the ideal grill for a party of 30, but how often do you really cook for more than four people? The time it takes to cook is actually fairly impressive with this grill and heats up even quicker than a normal sized grill.  The turn on/off for the gas is very easy and I'm happy with how quickly my food is cooked as well. It cooks my meats through and is fairly easy to clean up as well (at least not harder than a normal grill).  If you are wanting a grill to take on trips, this gas grill is a perfect fit for you!

Dickinson, ND


Perfect for Campers


We currently use this grill on all of our camping and outdoor away from home adventures.  I have owned several compact grills such as this one and this model is by far my favorite.  We camp rustic in tents and have to take a grill with us.  Small but powerful and consistent, this little grill fits right in.  We have used it with the small propane tanks, but most often use it with a larger grill sized tank with an adapter we purchased.  It works much longer and better this way.  We cook just about everything on our little grill, either right on the rack or on a skillet - either way it does the job for us... chicken, bacon & eggs, hot dogs, hamburgers... we never go hungry.  It is easy to store as well as it is compact and small.  We get the benefit of cooking with a reliable grill, much like our large one at home, with the convenience of a small size we can pack, tote and store easily.  A must have for campers!

Hopkins, MI


In time of need it fits the purpose


This is a handy more tailgate grill, but after a season of uses, you'll need another one.  After a couple uses, even after cleaning the grrill starts to rust. It's not very handy or easy to clean. It's great for spur of the moment situations or tailgating. i don't believe this is a grill you'll have for a long time and just isn't made to last forever.

San Diego, CA


Great product


We purchased this to use as an extra grill when we entertain.  It is a great little grill, good size.  It holds a lot more food than you think it would.  Does a nice job of grilling.  We would recommend it to anyone looking for additional grilling space without having a large cumbersome grill.

Spring Valley, IL


Great grill for those without a lot of room.


This is a great grill for people that do't have a lot of room for a traditional size grill. It can easily be placed on a small table or on the ground. Also great for smaller family or anyone that usually doesn't grill a lot of things when they barbeque. I will reccomend that you buy extra gas canisters because you never know when you are going to run out of gas. And the gas is not very expensive so I find it very easy to keep one or two extras on hand at all time. Very easy to clean up and the smaller size aids in the clean-up. And the fact that it is portable it can be taken anywhere. Great for camping or to take over to a friends house that doesn't have a grill.

Fort Lauderdale, FL


Arctic Products Portable Gas Grill Model GT-8888

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