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Arctic Lil' Kettle Grill

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Its too Lil' for Me


When it says lil', it definitly means it is little. I used this grill only a couple of times before giving it away. It is good for one to two people, but nothing else. It is not very sturdy, and a strong wind would make it wobble and shake. The legs seemed very unsturdy on the grill, too. The entire grill just had a cheap look to me. I didn't want to spend a fortune on a big grill, and this was my first choice because of price. Now I wish that I had chosen something else. It isn't worth the trouble or the hassle. Food is very slow to cook on the grill, and since you can't get a lot of charcoal in there at one time, it is likely you will need to stop cooking and replace it before all of your items are through cooking. Performance Cooks food slowly. I find that food in the middle is always done while that on the outside is still not even close to being done. Durability Very lightweight and looks cheap. Design I do not like the design. It looks cheap and feels that way, too.

Nashville, TN


Small and decent.


It's a small grill intended for those of us who want to grill burgers but don't have the space for a full size grill. Performance It holds charcoal while it burns. Nothing more needed. Versatility It seems to stand fine on it's own but it may have an issue on uneven surfaces. Ease of Use The legs for the most part are easy to put on it but seeing as they are small they can be bent somewhat easily if you aren't careful. You also have to hunch over in a chair or sit cross-legged to use it. Just be careful when standing up not to bump it over or touch it in general. Ease of Cleaning As long as you clean it quickly after the coals have burnt out and it has cooled it is as easy as dumping some water in it and rinsing it out. make sure to dry it too. Durability Again, the legs are small and metal so they can bend somewhat easily if not handled well. Don't get me wrong, they aren't like glass, but stepping on one that was left laying could bend it out of shape. Design It's considerably smaller than a full sized grill so it may be a bit trickier to light without fluid but is still very doable.



Great for a small party


We have this grill for several years. We have a regular size too, but got this one for times when we just want to grill couple of hamburgers and do not want to start the big grill. Well, Small Basic Outdoor Grill is really small. You can fit maybe 4 patties with a reasonable space. So it is not a lot. We use it when our kids have friends for a sleepover. So we can cook fast some hot dogs. We use charcoal and Small Basic Outdoor Grill heats up very fast. It is very light and can be stored in a small space. It is nice if you are living in apartment. Small Basic Outdoor Grill is quite durable. It has some rust spots but it is because we kept it outside for awhile. Overall, it is a nice little grill. I would not recommend it if you have lots of food to grill. Performance Very good. Heats fast. Versatility Can be used with wood, gas, or coal Ease of Use Very easy Ease of Cleaning Easy. It is very simple so it is easy to clean Durability Durable but if kept outside can get rusty Design Simple but functionable

Stillwater, OK


Great for an Outdoor Picnic!


We've had a small portable charcoal grill for decades. Our brand is Hibachi, and it's worked great. It was inexpensive, and easily affordable for any budget. It was small enough to fit on a backyard stoop or outdoor fire escape, yet it could be easily toted to an outdoor picnic, as well. Its smaller size lets us use fewer briquets, and still get that smoky, just-cooked flavor that benefits meats and veggies. We also don't seem to have the "getting it started" problem that we've had in a larger grill -- less space for air to intrude, a better tendency for the briquets to flame quickly. We also can reuse briquets more easily, using this.     Having said that, this model's strengths are also its weaknesses. Although it cooks quickly, it can only do a small amount of food at a time. With larger groups, you'll have to wait a while. Also, because it is lighter, it has a tendency to rust out if left out in the weather. But with proper storage and care, this is a piece that last year after year for your grilling pleasure.

Castle Rock, CO


Ok if you like charcoal


As a camper, we searched for several years for the perfect small, compact grill we could use on our rustic camping trips into the forest.  We started out with this grill.  We were not very impressed, but not being charcoal people we cannot speak to it's ability when compared to propane grills we are used to.  Most of our trouble came from trying to get the thing to light and then stay lit long enough to heat up so we could cook.  We're not patient when it comes to hunger, so it didn't work for us.  It is a sturdy little grill, made solid and well built.  It assembled easily and did fold up nice and compact which was a bonus feature we were looking for.  When we did accomplish any cooking with the grill, it had a decent surface to cook on and seemed to do ok, but as we are not sklled in the charcoal cooking department, we decided it was not worth the hassle just because it was small and returned to our hunt for a small grill. 

Hopkins, MI


Arctic Lil' Kettle Grill

3.2 5