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Archos 70b 7-Inch GB Tablet

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very coool


cool advice Hard to describe a star And this is really a brilliant star Yalit was this my phone But it is my friend's phone Love it so much And Xi's other excellent quality And a powerful Wifi signal And a large screen And his voice is pure And HD and 3D images



I returned it


I returned this tablet after trying it out for a couple of weeks. I was just overall disappointed and didn't want to lose my money I had invested in it. The pluses of this tablet are the front facing camera, you can charge it using a USB cord, and it has a micro SD slot. The negatives are it takes forever to charge, it's hard to find accessories for it, and the processor speed is extremely slow. It is so slow that it would just literally annoy me so much that I would turn it off. Apps would take forever to load, web pages would take forever to load. It was just too much frustration. Luckily I was able to return it with no questions asked. Battery Life The USB port seems to be very loose and wiggly. So I'm sure if I would've kept the tablet it would've eventually gotten too loose to charge. I know this because I had the same problem with my original Amazon Kindle Fire. App Availability You can download apps from Google play. Although I prefer the Android app store, the Google play app store is pretty decent and has a lot of the same games as Android.



A very easy to use tablet


Have used better tablets like the Ipad but very good Battery Life the battery seems to last forever. Processing Speed Could be faster. Weight very lightweight compared to some tablets. App Availability this tablet is very light weight Design it is vertical not upright Durability has fallen off my bed once without any damage.



Archos 70b 7-Inch GB Tablet

4.0 3