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Archos 70 - GB Internet Tablet

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A step up from an ereader but not the level of samsung or ipad


I mostly use it as an e-reader which is nice. Its easy to connect between my laptop and the tablet to copy files between the two. However the tablet doesn't come with the full google android market and you have to install it separately. This is the only way to access both the nook and the kindle app. After I made my purchase I realized I cant' do audio books from the library on the 70 you have to have the 50. That was a disappointment but a huge over sight on my part during the research phase of purchasing. I use the library overdrive app, I use the barnes and noble app. I have yet to install the kindle app but will soon. With the ipad and other andorid devices prices coming down I would recommend going with one of the other tablets over this 70 tablet. App Availability Its good but its better if you can install the google market place on your own outside of what is offered in the included app store


Delaware, OH


great for the price, right size


Great price, quality machine, get an sd card - memory card can fill up fast w/ apps App Availability After download of amazon app store & Google play Durability As w/ any touchscreen item worry about damage but found excellent padded case by body glove not too bulky. fits fine


Nashville, TN


Great Tablet


I use this tablet daily, loaded with music, video, photos, and games. Nice size to grab on the go, fits in purse easily. Able to use wifi when available. Would recommend purchase. Battery Life Battery life is average, Design Size is nice to grab on the go.


Defiance, OH


Easy and fun to use


this tablet is really good for the price Battery Life Wish the battery would stay charged longer , but when i'm around a plug i just plug it in .. Processing Speed seems to load fast enough for me and my books load fast on it Weight weight is very good , light enough to be convient but havy enough to be sturdy App Availability love the amount of apps it has in google play ,i have found many that i enjoy using .and all for free so far Design the design is good just one thing would make it better ..place the camera in the middle of the framing somewhere Durability have had no problems with the durability...i use a soft tipped stylus most the time so have no scratches at all on my screen


Atlanta, GA


An economical, durable tablet that functions well.


An excellent value for a durable piece of technology. Battery Life Battery lasts 8 hours with heavy usage. With the sleep mode, the battery can last 12-14 hours. Processing Speed Surprisingly fast for the price of this tablet. Weight Lightweight for portability. App Availability Android compatible so you are able to download many Apps. Design Simple and elegant. Durability Durability is excellent as the main user of this tablet is my 12-year old son. It passes all that he thows at it from a durability, ease of use and processing aspect. Highly recommend this product.


Tampa, FL


This is a great easy to use product


Let's start of that I am a big fan of Archos products. This is great because it allows you to connect to other devices and it also allows you to connect to flash drives so that you can work on your documents portably.


Los Angeles, CA


The Android tablets are getting better...


This is not a tablet that will make you forget about an iPad, but it certainly is a step in the right direction, especially after you update to Froyo (Android 2.2).  There are a great many things to like about it (especially the price) but in order to get the full usability out of it you have to side load the regular Android macketplace.  It takes all of about five minutes to get to that point, but if you aren't a techie or savvy user then this device probably isn't your cup of tea.  The video playback is top notch, the capacitive touch screen is darned responsive (though once again, you wouldn't want to put it head-to-head with an iPad, but it is half the price) and once you get the Marketplace on it you can go nuts with the applications. I'd say that if you were a tech person you'd be pleased as could be with in twenty minutes of opening and even happier as you don't have to connect it to a PC to start using it, it has several ways of loading data or connecting it to a machine and its a pretty fun device.


Chicago, IL


Archos 70 - GB Internet Tablet

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