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Archer Farms
Archer Farms - Spinach & Artichoke tortilla chips

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Almost like doritos, but a bit different, and a bit healthier.


My husband always wants to pick up a bag of Archer Farms everytime we are at Target.  But usually we change our mind and buy regular tortilla chips with dip.  We LOVE dip.  Finally, yesterday, we bought some.  These **Spinach & Artichoke **chips give the impression that they should taste like chips dipped in Spinach & Artichoke dip, which we love.  **They are good, but you can't eat a lot of them, but maybe that's good too!**  After his first few bites my husband said that he can't eat a lot of these, and I agreed once I tried them.  They sure do make you thirsty!  But maybe that's a good thing.  I mean, I can usually have to pull myself away from any other kind of chip or else risk eating way too much.  Since these have a strong taste that makes you thirsty, you are bound to only eat a few. **They must know you won't eat a lot, because the bag is reclosable!**  That's awesome.  It's got a ziplock type structure on the top.  Why don't all chips do this!!  It's easy to open and close so you can keep them fresh for a long time. **So what do they taste like?**  Well, they honestly taste a bit like doritos!  It was only after having a handful of these that I really noticed they do taste different and you can say it taste like Spinach & Artichoke dip.  Is it as good as dipping a tortilla chip in a creamy mess of fresh Spinach & Artichoke dip?  Well... no... but it's still a decent substitute!  **As for the health, I believe they are healthier than other chips.**  I saw this mostly because I can't eat that many of them.  Doritos make me lose control and I can eat a TON of those, but these I can't.  I'm satisfied and ready for a glass of water after a few chips.  The serving size is 10 chips which is 7grams of fat.  The chips are large, crunchy and hearty so it's easy to only eat 10, I think I ate less! **I would buy these again, I can see it being great for parties.**  Since you can't eat too many of these, it would make a great party snack because you wouldn't have to buy too many bags!  Plus, it's easier to serve these then to try and serve chips and dips (which always end up messy at parties).  If you want the taste of Spinach & Artichoke dip but want to save on some calories, these chips are for you.  Enjoy!!


Metro Detroit, MI


Archer Farms - Spinach & Artichoke tortilla chips

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