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Arbonne Self Adjusting Shampoo with Tea Tree Oil

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Best shampoo I have ever used! Great for oily/dry scalp.


I tried this shampoo at the urging of my Arbonne consultant. I was hesitant. I had always been an expensive, salon shampoo lover. I need my shampoo to smell great. I also seem to have oily hair, but a dry scalp. I was amazed at how well this shampoo balanced my oily versus dry problem. It also smells fantastic and very refreshing, but not too feminine or masculine, so it is great for men and women alike. I have very fine, straight hair and my husband has very thick, curly hair, but this shampoo works great for both of us. I also have this shampoo in my guest bathroom and have had several of my houseguests ask me where they can get it for themselves. **Overall, this is a versatile, high quality shampoo that I would highly recommend!**

Morrison, IL


Arbonne Self Adjusting Shampoo with Tea Tree Oil

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