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Arbonne RE9 Advanced Smoothing Facial Cleanser

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This Arbonne RE9 Advanced Smoothing Facial Cleanser is a wonderful product that I would highly reccommend to anyone that is looking for a great facial cleanser. Arbonne products are top of the line when it comes to high quality ingredients that are safe for your skin. I received a sample of this product and just fell in love with it to cleanse my skin and it left my skin feeling so soft and hydrated after use of this. It is also great because you do not need a lot of this product. It is highly concentrated so a little really does go a long way when it comes to using arbonne. Its highly absorbable, doesn't clog my pores and is really effective when it comes to cleansing and helping with my skin tone and keeping it clear of any blemishes. I also have very sensitive skin so this product is great for skin types like my and is very gentle and cleansing to that type of skin.

Warren, OH


Very Moisturizing!


Really keeps your face moist, but I'm not so sure about "smoothing." Absorption It's really quite good when you live in such a dry climate. You can feel the difference in the first few days. Doesn't Clog Pores If you don't cleanse your face that evening, it does tend to feel a little clogged. Just make sure to cleanse every night. Effectiveness Really helps dry skin. You can see and feel the difference in just a couple of days.



This is the best cleanser I have ever used!


Arbonne's smoothing cleanser is the best! It has a pleasant citrus smell and cuts through makeup faster than anything else I have tried, and I have tried many products. Some are too greasy, and you can't get the film off. With this product, I wet my face, and use a small, small amount, then massage it into my face. I do wear a lot of face makeup. When I go to rinse, you can see the makeup running down the drain. After rinsing, your face feels skeaky clean with no oily residue. Your face is then ready for your moisturizers. Absorption This product works best if your face is wet. I tried it dry one time, and it just smears and doesn't seem to work as well as when your face is wet first, then massage in the cleanser, rinse off, and your face is clean and fresh. Doesn't Clog Pores I have not found this product to clog pores. Effectiveness The is very effective at removing makeup. I do use a mascara remover around the eyes however. It tended to burn my eyes a little when I tried to use it to remove mascara.



Not worth the hype.


I love the idea of au naturale, but was left disatisfied with this cleanser. It does a satisfactory job cleansing my face. However, after two weeks if using Arbonne Anti-Aging Cleanser, there was no marked difference in my complexion. I needed to use more than the "one pump" as directed by the saleswoman. It is not a bad product, but for the cost, I expect more.

Byron, IL


Arbonne RE9 Advanced Smoothing Facial Cleanser

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