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Arbonne PhytoProlief System

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Supposed to reduce hotflashes, but doesn't work for me.


I received a sample of this product from a very good friend who sells Arbonne. She sang its praises, saying it would certainly alleviate my hot flashes, which have been occuring 20 to 30 times a day since I was put into surgically-induced menopause five years ago. I'm willing to try anything, and have no objection whatsoever to alternative/Eastern/herbal medicines and/or treatments, so I was thrilled to know this product existed. She did warn me to "give it a few days" to work before I let her know how it performed for me. The first night I pumped one dose and applied it to the palms of my hands. Five hours later I had the worst night-sweat of my life. I chalked that one up to coincidence. The next night, I applied one dose to my neck - and had three bed-drenching night-sweats, about an hour apart. Still, thinking maybe I was just paying "more attention" to the issue, I kept on with the product. The third night I applied the product to my abdomen, and slept through the night - but the next day I had 52 hotflashes - the most I've ever had in one day. Yes, I actually counted them because they were more brutal, with a much quicker on-set and much more severe - think "my hair is wet I'm so hot" hot flashes. To say I'm really disappointed is an understatement. I was really hoping this would be the relief I've sought for so many years.


Saint Louis, MO


yes, it works, you have to know how to use it properly...


I use the phyto-proleaf because of its premium grade progesterone - and the pump keeps the product's integrity. I've used it to avoid my severe PMS issues, headaches and vaginal dryness...yes, it's helped all of it. Important thing is to diligently use once a day (in my case) in the evening, spread one pump on thin parts of your skin (inside of arms or legs, rotate, don't do same spot everytime). And,  you'll see the difference.  I understand that if your symptoms are severe, (hot flashes etc) - best to use twice a day.


Chicago, IL


Arbonne PhytoProlief System

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