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Arbonne NutriMinC RE9 RElease Deep Pore Cleansing Masque

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Kind of a let down


My sister in law sells arbonne products and I've tried a few that I really liked. Unfortunately the NutriMinC RE9 RElease Deep Pore Cleansing masque wasn't one of them. The first issue I ran into was that it really irritated my skin. I may have left it on too long but it definitely wasn't made for very sensitive skin like mine. Overall it didn't really deliver what it promised with the pore cleansing and it was pricer than a lot of thins that work better you can buy in the drug store. Effectiveness The whole reason I went ahead and bought this product was because I have some super gross and very deep blackheads that I just can't seem to rid myself of. They aren't that noticeable until you get up close but once you do, things get ugly. I was disappointed that this mask didn't really clean my pores out like it said it would and I felt like I'd wasted time and money when it didn't work as advertised.



The best mask I've ever used!


I absolutely love the Arbonne NutriMinC RE9 Deep Pore Cleansing Mask.   I began using it 3 years ago and haven't stopped since.  The Deep Pore Cleansing Mask has a wonderful, light citrus scent.  After cleaning it off my skin feels refreshed and rejuvenated. What really drew me in was Arbonne's commitment to pure, safe, and beneficial products.  They're products are never tested on animals and they are made with safe ingredients.  The only potential issue in my book is that you have to order through a consultant or sign up yourself as a consultant (but you do not have to sell the product).  The nice thing about signing up yourself to buy the product, is the discount that you receive on every order.  I have signed every year for the past three years, for the discount alone. If you're really looking for a great product and don't mind spending a little extra, then you should definitely try this out.  

Grand Blanc, MI


I love using this Mask.


I am a college student with a semi-tight budget, but when my friend offered to give an Arbonne party at my house if I hosted, I decided to try it out. I had heard of the savings that can come when hosting an Arbonne party, so I hoped that I would be able to purchase and try some Arbonne products out at a lower price. One of the products that I purchased was the NutriMin C RElease Deep Pore Cleansing Masque. My friend let everyone try it out at the party and I loved how refreshing it felt on my face, and how smooth it went on. After rinsing the product off of my face, my skin felt refreshed and polished. I have been using this product since I purchased it last year, and my skin has stayed soft and clean. I love the ease of using the pump and the effective way my clean skin is maintained. Although the product is effective, price can be a bit of an issue. At this time I would think twice of purchasing it, but after using this product for such a long time and getting great results, I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of trying it who has the budget.

Houghton, MI


Best Mask I've Tried


This is the best mask I've ever tried.  It feels so smooth going on my face.  It has a light, almost soft texture that's unlike other masks.  The smell is light & citrusy.  I use the mask a few times a week & love the results each time.  I alternate using this mask with the Arbonne REveal Scrub.  It's a great combination of products.  I haven't quite moved up to using the entire Arbonne RE line, but based on how well I like this product, I may very well do that in the near future. 

Saint Cloud, MN


Arbonne NutriMinC RE9 RElease Deep Pore Cleansing Masque

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