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Arbonne Makeup Primer

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Silky Smooth


This primer makes your skin very soft, like a baby's butt. Its great for wearing under makeup or just by itself. There have been a couple times where I felt scaly skin the next day but it was also excessively cold and blustery outside. For the most part I love it :)



I LOVE this Primer!!


I LOVE this primer!! I have been using it for about 3 years now after a friend (who is an Arbonne Consultant) let me try it & have been hooked ever since! It goes on sooo smooth & has absolutely no oil in it. It helps smooth out fine lines & wrinkles so it helps to make my under eye concealer go on better. Evens out dry patches.. I use it even when not using foundation! Find an Arbonne Consultant & you can try it first... but you WILL LOVE it !!!

Englishtown, NJ


Arbonne makeup primer


Love this product. I don't wear makeup but I do use this to help make my face feel really soft and even out any blemishes in my skin. I recommend it for thoes who just want a boost to feel like a woman even if not wearing makeup.

Vernon Center, MN


I must sing the praises of Arbonne makeup primer


It is so ironic that this product has only gotten two reviews. Simply because it is, in my opinion, absolutely phenomenal. When I wear it, my foundation lasts and lasts, the fine lines are blurred, and my face looks opulent. I have tried a variety of primers, which were all quite good. But this one takes the cake. It is light and never greasy. Dries seamlessly. I think if this were not a direct sale product, and instead a department or drugstore product, it would be absolutely famous. Since it is a "word of mouth" product, so to speak, so many of us did not know about it. If you are in the market for a good primer, contact an arbonne representative. You can sample the product before you buy (always a plus) and get some great personal service and education about the product. It is always, to me, satisfying to support direct sales folks in there business ventures as it is fun and rewarding for both the customer and the salesperson. I am so glad that my friend introduced me to this product and I will be contacting her in the future for reorders!

Millersville, MD


Makes your skin feel absolutely smooth.


Let me preface everything by saying I am not a person who wears makeup often and when I do it's not very enthusiastically which is why you should take me at my word when I say this product is awesome! It was recommended to me and I had already been sold by Arbonne's pledge to have no added colors or fragrances. I actually had an Arbonne home party and got a deal on the primer with limited sales. The hostess of the party brought the product for us to sample and honestly, once you feel it  - it is a no brainer. It makes your skin feel soooooo soft as it fills into the crevices of your skin and makes your face a perfect palette for foundation and other cosmetics. Here's where I give a shout out to Arbonne foundation too because the two really are a great pair but even if you just invest in the primer ( and it is a investment - more than I generally spend on makeup) it is definitely worth the money.

Chicago, IL


Arbonne Makeup Primer

4.8 5