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Arbonne Intelligence Not-So-Basic Daily Eye Cream

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not worth the money paid!


Arbonne Bio-Hydria Eye Cream. I purchased this product a few years ago after being told by the sales consultant for Arbonne that it worked wonderfully in removing/lightening dark circles and discoloration underneath the eyes.  I used this eye cream as instructed for several months - until the eye cream was totally used up.  I applied it in the morning and at nights as per the instructions.  However, I did not see any lightening of the dark circles under my eyes.  They stayed the same.  I was so hyped about the eye cream when I first heard about it from the sales consultant that I bought 2 tubes.  The second tube now sits in my bathroom drawers.  And this was just a waste of money.  If anyone is interested in purchasing this product, my advise to you is to save your money.  This is just a waste of money.  I am sure that there are products available on the market that works but after using this product with no positive experience, I have failed to purchase any others, I have lost interest.  Instead, I am trying to get more rest in hopes that this is helping the dark circles to lighten.  And I believe getting more sleep has helped. 

Greensboro, NC


Arbonne Intelligence Not-So-Basic Daily Eye Cream

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